Supporting E-Games Success Through a Professional Network

Social capital is real. We are not just talking about inheriting money. We inherit our mindsets from our parents and family. Most people spend their entire lifetime trying to reprogram themselves—and failing. In this lesson you’ll learn how to develop your mindset and outgrow your roots. Understand your motivation, learn why decision fatigue is holding you back, explore the basics of setting goals that stretch yourself, develop a professional support network that forces you to grow, and see how to support yourself with healthy self-talk.

Weldon Weldon Green Performance Coach at Mind Games Consulting

Weldon began his career sports coaching career training swimmers from the ages of 3 to 78, coaching multiple national ranked swimmers and special olympians.

After realizing the great need for mental support and well-being in eSports, Weldon began adapting sport psychology techniques from traditional sport to the electronic field. Today he runs a successful consulting business providing high performance training for professional athletes, as well as producing and distrubuting free training on his platforms http://mindgames.gg and http://esportcoaching.net.

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