Fencing Footwork You Can Practice at Home

by Tyler Kvols-Riedler
Fencing Footwork You Can Practice at Home


Hi, my name is coach Tyler with Fencer's Edge. I’m here to show you some footwork drills you can do to practice at home.

As you probably know, Fencing is a unique sport that requires you to have excellent form, speed, balance, and endurance. It requires instinctual movements that occur in fractions of a second. In the middle of a touch, you don’t have time to think about how you're going to move your body; your movements need to be automatic and reflexive. The best way to train your brain and body to execute these movements instinctually is through lots and lots of practice and repetition!

We all have busy lives, and sometimes you just can’t make it to your favorite fencing club for practice. Or maybe you just want to keep training at home on days in between your lessons. Whatever your case may be, the footwork drills I’m about to show you are designed to help you to work on and hone your fencing skills at home, in your living room, bedroom, or at the gym.

I’ve put together three video workouts with the intention to help fencers of all experience levels perform at their best!: there is a beginner, intermediate and advanced workout. So be sure to check out all three videos so you can decide which one is right for you! Also, make sure to warm-up and stretch before each workout to receive the greatest benefit from this training. And remember practice makes permanent. So make sure you're practicing these exercises with proper form.

I hope you find these workouts helpful, challenging and enjoyable!


The Coach

Coach Tyler has been one of the top saber fencers in the state of Florida for the past 15 years. He has over 23 years of experience in all 3 fencing disciplines (Saber,Foil,Epee) and uses innovative coaching techniques to bring out the best in our academy fencers.

His fun, high energy coaching style is combined with patience and knowledge of the sport. This combination has helped his students earn A ratings, win metals at International, national, state and local competitions as well as earn spots on national teams.

He is also a certified referee in all 3 weapons and a USFA Professional Member.

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