Power, Agility, and Speed Training for Field Hockey
by John Graham

Becoming more skilled at greater speeds and developing increased precision on the field can be achieved simultaneously. Power, Agility, and Speed Training for Field Hockey presents a detailed overview of evidence-based fundamentals and techniques involved in developing essential motor skills for field hockey.

Featuring legendary Emmaus (PA) High School field hockey coach Sue Butz-Stavin and athletes from her 2005 National High School Championship field hockey team, this course explains and demonstrates several of the key factors in power, agility, and speed training for field hockey, including movement preparation, dynamic warm-up, assisted/resisted acceleration training, and plyometric and speed training. This course also features a series of proven developmental drills designed to enhance the motor skills involved in playing field hockey.

Among the topics covered:

Movement preparation
Dynamic warm-up
Assisted/resisted acceleration training
Plyometric and speed training
Agility ladder drills
Line drills
Cone drills
Static stretching

1 Introduction
Chapter 1: Movement Preparation
2 About Movement Preparation
3 Hand Walks
4 Knee Hug Lunge
5 Forward Lunge Forearm to Instep
6 Lateral Lunge
7 Back Lunge & Twist
Chapter 2: Dynamic Warm Up
8 High Knees
9 Heel Ups
10 Power Skips
11 High Knees with Heel Ups
12 High Knees with Foreleg Extension
13 Lateral High Knees
Chapter 3: Assisted Resisted Training
14 Assisted Resisted Training
Chapter 4: Plyometrics & Speed
15 Cone Jumps & Sprint
16 Lateral Cone Jumps Shuffle & Sprint
17 Cone Jumps in Place Tuck Jumps & Sprint
18 Single Leg Hops & Sprint
19 Lateral Single Leg Hops with Shuffle & Sprint
Chapter 5: Agility Training
20 About Agility Training
21 Icky Shuffle
22 Hop Scotch
23 Side Step Double Step
24 Scissor Drill
Chapter 6: Line Drills
25 Ladder Sprint
26 Ladder Shuffle
27 Ladder Combo
Chapter 7: Cone Drills
28 Sprint Shuffle Sprint
29 X-Pattern Multi-Skill
30 3-Cone Drill
31 Star Drill
Chapter 8: Game Situation Sprint & Static Stretching
32 Game Situation Sprint
33 Static Stretching Phase
34 Thanks for Watching

JohnGraham John Graham Former National Strength and Conditioning Association Board Member

John Graham, MS, CSCS*D, FNSCA, is a former National Strength and Conditioning Association board member (2001-2004), vice president (2002-2003), and secretary/treasurer (2003-2004). One of the most respected strength and conditioning professionals in the field, he is certified by both the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the American College of Sports Medicine. Graham is also a National Strength and Conditioning Association fellow. Over the course of his exceptional career, Graham has been honored numerous times for his achievements. He is a prolific author and a much sought-after presenter at clinics and professional meetings across the United States.

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