Rob Rhodes

33 Stack Defense for Youth Football

The 521 Swarm Defense is Coach Cox’s variation of the 33 Stack Defense. Topics Covered:
1. Why the 521
2. 521 Philosophy and Personnel
3. 521 Fronts and Base
4. Calls and Stunts
5. Pass Coverage
6. Implementation
7. What is the 5225 Stack Swarm
8. 5225 Cover 1 Rules
9. 5225 Cover 1 adjustments vs. Different Offensive Sets
10. 5225 and 5225 'X' Calls vs. Different Sets
11. 5225 Tilt and Bear Calls vs. Different Sets
12. 5225 'Superman'
13. 5225 Cover 3 Adjustments and Calls

As a bonus, we are including a copy of Coach Cox's 180+ page manual covering all aspects of his version of the 33 Stack Defense.    

Rob Rhodes Coaches Clinic Championships are Won in the Offseason

Coach Terry Cox has been a High School Head Coach for 22 years in California.  During that time, he has won 5 championships with over 85 wins and 7 playoff appearances.  Coach Cox has also had plenty of experience coaching at the youth level and helping many coaches implement his unique version of the 33 Stack Defense.  

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