An RPO Evolution: A Study of Baylor`s RPO Scheme

by Football For Coaches
An RPO Evolution: A Study of Baylor`s RPO Scheme


This is an in-depth study on Matt Rhule's Baylor RPO System. This study looks into their RPO system from the ground up. Starting from the most basic of RPO's such as Bubble & Swings while moving to more advanced RPO Principles such as Free Access, Glance, and much more. During his time at Baylor Matt Rhule was able to develop an RPO system that took advantage of defensive structures while putting defenders in conflict. Any Offense can utilize these by creating simple and clear reads for your Quarterback.

-This course shows more than just what RPO schemes Baylor was running. 

-It explains the techniques and details of each scheme.

-How the concepts build upon each other.

-Why they run certain RPO schemes paired with certain run concepts against specific defensive structures.

-How Bayor Utilized Motion to make a clear picture for their QB

- An in-depth look into how to coach & teach your QB & Receivers in the RPO World

-Detailed Blocking Schemes diagrammed and explained

-All-22 Film of each concept


1 Baylor's RPO Diagrams
Concept #1: Capped Inside Zone BS Bubble
2 Concept #1: Breakdown 8:12 3 Diagram of Clip #1 4 ALL-22: Concept #1 Wide 0:12 5 ALL-22: Concept #1 Tight 0:10
Concept #2: Dart BS Swing
6 Concept #2: Breakdown 8:19 7 Diagram of Clip #2 8 ALL-22: Concept #2 Wide 0:12 9 ALL-22: Concept #2 Tight 0:10
Concept #3: Inside Zone Read BS Swing
10 Concept #3: Breakdown 7:15 11 Diagram of Clip #3 12 ALL-22: Concept #3 Wide 0:12 13 ALL-22: Concept #3 Tight 0:10
Concept #4: QB Draw Orbit Motion to Swing
14 Concept #4: Breakdown 8:22 15 Diagram of Clip #4 16 ALL-22: Concept #4 Wide 0:12 17 ALL-22: Concept #4 Tight 0:10
Concept #5: Capped Inside Zone Free Access Hitch
18 Concept #5: Breakdown 5:26 19 Diagram of Clip #5 20 ALL-22: Concept #5 Wide 0:13 21 ALL-22: Concept #5 Tight 0:10
Concept #6: Capped Inside Zone FS Hitch BS Bubble
22 Concept #6: Breakdown 7:55 23 Diagram of Clip #6 24 ALL-22: Concept #6 Wide 0:10 25 ALL-22: Concept #6 Tight 0:08
Concept #7: Locked Inside Zone Dual Sided Hitch
26 Concept #7: Breakdown 7:40 27 Diagram of Clip #7 28 ALL-22: Concept #7 Wide 0:12 29 ALL-22: Concept #7 Tight 0:09
Concept #8: GT Counter Read BS Slants
30 Concept #8: Breakdown 8:31 31 Diagram of Clip #8 32 ALL-22: Concept #8 Wide 0:12 33 ALL-22: Concept #8 Tight 0:10
Concept #9: G Wrap BS Slant
34 Concept #9: Breakdown 6:39 35 Diagram of Clip #9 36 ALL-22: Concept #9 Wide 0:13 37 ALL-22: Concept #9 Tight 0:13
Concept #10: Locked Inside Zone FS Glance BS Slot-Fade
38 Concept #10: Breakdown 7:36 39 Diagram of Clip #10 40 ALL-22: Concept #10 Wide 0:12 41 ALL-22: Concept #10 Tight 0:09
Concept #11: Inside Zone Insert BS Glance
42 Concept #11: Breakdown 6:17 43 Diagram of Clip #11 44 ALL-22: Concept #11 Wide 0:27 45 ALL-22: Concept #11 Tight 0:16
Concept #12: Inside Zone Insert FS Bubble BS Glance
46 Concept #12: Breakdown 7:20 47 Diagram of Clip #12 48 ALL-22: Concept #12 Wide 0:14 49 ALL-22: Concept #12 Tight 0:13
Concept #13: Capped Inside Zone FS Glance
50 Concept #13: Breakdown 6:48 51 Diagram of Clip #13 52 ALL-22: Concept #13 Wide 0:14 53 ALL-22: Concept #13 Tight 0:10
Concept #14: QB Lead Draw FS Fade-Out BS Glance
54 Concept #14: Breakdown 7:15 55 Diagram of Clip #14 56 ALL-22: Concept #14 Wide 0:11 57 ALL-22: Concept #14 Tight 0:11

The Coach


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Coach Endsley has experience as a High School Head Coach, Collegiate Offensive Coordinator, Run Game Coordinator, and Offensive Line Coach. While the Offensive Coordinator at Dakota Wesleyan University, Coach Endsley utilized a high level RPO System leading to one of the top passing attacks in the NAIA. As a High School Head Coach he utilized a similar system to break several school passing records.

At Dakota Wesleyan Coach Endsley shattered the school record for Total Yards & Passing yards in a game. Before Dakota Wesleyan, he also coached Offensive Line at Eastern Oregon University as well as being a Head Coach at the High School level at Lake Roosevelt High School, where his team broke several Offensive Records. Endsley has coached two AFCA All-American Offensive Linemen along with six All-Conference Offensive Linemen in both the Frontier Conference and the GPAC Conference. Along with that he was a Run Game Coordinator for a top-25 Rushing Team in the nation. 

Coach Endsley Coaching Experience:

-Assistant Coach- University of South Dakota - 2020-Present

-Offensive Coordinator, OL/TE Coach |Dakota Wesleyan University| 2018-2020

-Offensive Line Coach |Eastern Oregon University|2017-2018

-Head Football Coach |Lake Roosevelt High School| 2015–2017

-NFL Combine Preparation Coach |APX Strength| 2015– 2017

-Offensive Line Academy |Complete Athlete|2015–2017

In 2018, Endsley’s first year at Dakota Wesleyan, he coordinated an offense that ranked in the top-20 in total passing yards and broke the school single game record for total offense (822 yards), passing yards (510) and first downs (45). Endsley coached Trevor Wietzema, an AFCA All-American First-Team offensive lineman. In his first season, the Dakota Wesleyan offense featured six All-Conference players.

He coached an Offensive Line group that led Eastern Oregon University to top-25 offensive rankings in the NAIA, while coaching two All-Conference First-Team performers on the offensive line. Before coaching at EOU, Endsley was the head coach at Lake Roosevelt High School in Grand Coulee, Wash. He coached eight All-Central Washington First-Team athletes on offense and five All-Central Washington First-Team performers on defense.

Accomplishments & Accolades:

-NAIA National Top 20 Passing Yards Per Game 2018 |Offensive Coordinator- Dakota Wesleyan University|

-NAIA National Top 25 Rushing Yards Per Game 2017 |Run Game Coordinator-Eastern Oregon University|

-DWU Single Game Record for Total Offensive Yards: 822 Yards |Offensive Coordinator- Dakota Wesleyan University|

-DWU Single Game Record for Passing Yards: 510 Yards|Offensive Coordinator- Dakota Wesleyan University|

-DWU Single Game Record for First Downs: 45 |Offensive Coordinator- Dakota Wesleyan University|

-Coached AFCA All-American Offensive Line x 2

-Coached GPAC All-Conference Players x 8

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Tyler Ferreria

Miss these days. Baylor was so fun to watch with Art back in the day. Commentary is meh but love this playbook.

Jan 16, 22 11:02 PM

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