Belly From Pistol Including RPOs

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Belly From Pistol Including RPOs



Are you a tradiational Wing T team.  Hard core devotion to Tubby Raymond system?

Well so is (was) Coach Phipps.

Despite having consistent winning records from under center, Coach Phipps and his 4A Wake Forest squad couldn't get to the Big Dance.


They kept the Delaware Number System.   Kept all the backfield footwork the same.

But just backed their QB up so that .....

  • they could pass the ball more
  • which led to running RPOs off the Belly play

This video will show you how to run the following from the Pistol

  • Belly
  • Tackle Trap
  • Belly Sweep
  • BELLY PASS......yes and a few RPO ideas.


coach Rick Stewart is also on the talk and there is some great Pistol dialogue at the end during the Q&A session.


The Coach

Coach Hancel Phipps - 3 State Titles - Wake Forest Hs, NC

Ratings and Reviews (3)

Mark Wadel

Coach Phipps does a real nice job going over the belly with several different aspects including motions, formations, and fakes. Then, on top of that, he shows the belly sweep, belly pass, tackle trap, and the belly RPO's that take the traditional belly play and expand upon it to continue to put the defense in conflict. An hour well spent! Thanks Coach Phipps!!

Mar 3, 21 12:23 PM

Ryan A Rebollar

Coach Phipps breaks down Belly in the same way Windows 95 for Dummies was broken down. Running a youth program, I can use everything that was presented in this course. Simple write up and easy to present. Clips were less than 2-3 minutes and packed with info and zero time wasted.

Mar 4, 21 01:22 PM

Tim Jacobs

This is a fantastic video that takes an in-depth look at the Belly series out of the pistol formation. From Belly and Down all the way to adding RPO's all are discussed in depth. If you are curious about RPO's within the Pistol Wing-T this is must watch.

Mar 8, 21 08:23 AM

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