Big O - Defensive I.D: The Triangle - Attacking a Defense

by Jeff Mullen
Big O - Defensive I.D: The Triangle - Attacking a Defense


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Don't just randomly call plays...  Call the game.  Understanding HOW to attack a front is the first step for any successful Play Caller.  This course is designed to help you easily Identify Defense.  We will talk about "The Box", and the appropriate blocking angles for certain plays.  However, we will focus on "The Triangle",  which will define the "Run Fit" player.  The key to any successfull play call is to first call a play AWAY from the "Run Fit" player, and then design a play with the best blockig angles for your offensive line to execute. 


The Coach


Jeff Mullen

The Big O System


1990 - Assistant Coach (WR-DB), Hamilton Township High School - Columbus, OH

1991 - Graduate Assistant Coach (DB), University of Hawaii - Honolulu, HI

1992-1994 - Graduate Assistant Coach (OL), Ohio University - Athens, OH

1995-2000 - Assistant Coach (RB's / Tackles & Tight Ends), Ohio University - Athens, OH

2001-2007 - Assistant Coach (Tackles & Tight Ends, QB's), Wake Forest University - Winston Salem, NC

2008-2010 - Offensive Coordinator (QB's), West Virginia University - Morgantown, WV

2011-2017 - Offensive Coordinator (QB's), UNC Charlotte - Charlotte, NC

2018-Present - Head Coach (Offense), The Big "O" Stystem, LLC - Oak Island, NC

Ratings and Reviews (15)

John Bear

Great job. Really informative and a game changer in how to call the game as a coordinator.

Nov 6, 20 04:26 PM

Gordon Davis

This course will fast-track your vision as an OC, allowing you to "call a game" as Coach Mullen says, rather than just call plays.

Nov 10, 20 02:40 PM

Brett Hickman

Big O client and friend of Coach Mullen. Even after 12 years as a college football coach myself, Coach Mullen simplified my way of thinking about offensive football. I can tell you we had the formations, core runs, and motions installed with our kids in two days of skill development at our high school last spring. I'm a defensive guy by nature but was looking for something that would help our program take the next step. Cant recommend him enough.

Nov 17, 20 06:57 PM


I've been a coach for 13 years (12 in College and 1 in HS) This really simplifies how you call the game. I'm always looking for ways to become a better coach. Coach Mullen does a fantastic job of making it simple to understand and learn. I highly recommend this course.

Jan 3, 21 06:04 PM

David Gould

Great and Easy Explanation. Super easy to follow.

Jan 4, 21 12:42 AM


Just what I needed

Apr 15, 21 06:33 AM

Aaron Szabo

Great information that helped me make our schemes better.

Apr 15, 21 06:33 AM

Utavius Ingram

Great Job

May 7, 21 05:55 AM



May 8, 21 12:09 PM

Rod Godfrey

Very Informative and a great breakdown!

Aug 17, 21 08:44 AM

Marc Persing

Great stuff coach!

Nov 17, 21 04:58 AM

Scott McLane

Loved it! Clear presentation, easy to understand & applicable immediately to my team.

Nov 30, 21 09:17 AM

Jonathan Mattocks

great teaching. broke things down very simple easy to understand

Oct 17, 22 06:35 PM

Coach Allen

Great course.

Aug 15, 23 06:15 AM

Ralston Evans

Great Course.. Really helped a young OC like me understand calling the run game

Nov 7, 23 05:13 PM

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