Blair Hubbard - Rocket Sweep - Fastest Perimeter Play in Football

by IHSFCA Illinois High School Football Coaches Association
Blair Hubbard - Rocket Sweep  - Fastest Perimeter Play in Football


Blair Hubbard’s Gun-T Rocket Sweep is quickly becoming a popular offense because it produces wins! The base play, the Rocket Sweep, involves the quarterback taking a snap from the center, faking a handoff to the running back, and then quickly tossing the ball to a wide receiver who is running in motion across the field. The wide receiver catches the ball and quickly turns upfield, using his speed and agility to evade defenders and gain yardage.

What makes the Gun-T Rocket Sweep so effective is its deceptive nature. The fake handoff to the running back draws the attention of the defense, creating an opening for the wide receiver to receive the ball and make a play. Additionally, the use of motion by the wide receiver can help to confuse the defense and create mismatches.

Today, the Gun-T Rocket Sweep can be an effective play, especially at the high school and college levels. It requires precise execution and a high level of athleticism from the players involved, but when executed correctly, it can be a game-changing play that can turn the tide of a game.


The Coach

Blair Hubbard | Head Football Coach | Broomfield High School

This 3x State Champion, Hall of Fame inducted coach, one of the most successful and winningest coaches in the state of Colorado, has been a head coach for over 20 years. He has led three different programs, of different sizes and classifications, to the state playoffs. His unique offensive system has enabled him to speak at over 30 national football clinics: Glazier, Nike, National Wing-T, and others. He has helped install his offensive system at many schools around the country and is available to travel and assist teams with the install. High school and collegiate teams around the country have sought him out for install advice on his system.

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Great info. Very well presented

Sep 4, 23 08:51 AM


Great info. Very well presented

Sep 4, 23 08:51 AM

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