Bobby Johnson III - Gap Scheme & Wide Zone Fundamentals

by Lauren's First and Goal
Bobby Johnson III - Gap Scheme & Wide Zone Fundamentals


Bobby Johnson III dives into some of his best tips when talking about an offensive line. He goes into detail about his "fit not fat" motto as well as other little details that will end up making a big dfference when applied in practice and in game. Angle drive, gallop, med ball exercises and other drils are mentianed in these sets of videos. Book this course now to be able to have the tools you need to make yourself a better player!


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Bobby Johnson III is the OL Coach and Run Game Coordinator at Albion after coaching at University of New England for 3 years as the offensive line coach. Johnson has had a couple other stints working in other colleges like University at Albany, American International College, and Willamette College. In his playing days, he was a four year starting left tackle at Worcester State University. 

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