Coaching the Multiple West Coast Offense



Coaching the Multiple West Coast Offense presents a detailed overview of principles, fundamentals, and techniques involved in installing and executing the west coast offense. Featuring four separate video programs—The Multiple West Coast Offense: The Base Plan; The Multiple West Coast Offense: Quarterback Techniques; The Multiple West Coast Offense: Nine Basic Quarterback Reads; and The Multiple West Coast Offense: Pass Protection Schemes, the DVD offers an exceptional resource for coaches who want to employ this highly regarded offensive system.


1 Chapter 1 - The Base Plan 01:10 2 Chapter 2 - Introduction and Philosophy 00:45 3 Chapter 3 - How the Run Game is Setup 04:02 4 Chapter 4 - How to Setup the Passing Game 04:32 5 Chapter 5 - Incorporating Two Separate Sets of Progressions 02:56 6 Chapter 6 - The Formation System 04:45 7 Chapter 7 - How to Call Motions 03:18 8 Chapter 8 - How the Play is Called 02:06 9 Chapter 10 - Pass Protection Schemes 00:45 10 Chapter 11 - Pass Protection: Man or Zone Schemes 09:33 11 Chapter 12 - Pass Protections: Sending Backs into the Pattern 02:39 12 Chapter 13 - Pass Protection: Keeping the Tight End In 01:31 13 Chapter 14 - Pass Protection: Keeping Both Backs In 00:57 14 Chapter 15 - Pass Protection: Keeping Both Backs and TE In 02:12 15 Chapter 16 - Pass Protection: Releasing All Five Receivers 01:28 16 Chapter 17 - QB Techniques 01:29 17 Chapter 18 - QB Techniques: The Stance 01:19 18 Chapter 19 - Qb Techniques: The Punch Step 00:54 19 Chapter 20 - Qb Techniques: The Dropback 00:51 20 Chapter 21 - QB Techniques: The Front Shoulder Drop 00:40 21 Chapter 22 - QB Techniques: The Plant Step 00:58 22 Chapter 23 - QB Techniques: The Target Step 01:05 23 Chapter 24 - QB Techniques: The Release 00:45 24 Chapter 25 - QB Techniques: The Follow Through 00:42 25 Chapter 26 - QB Techniques: Foot Actions 02:12 26 Chapter 27 - QB Techniques: Drops and Distances 11:33 27 Chapter 28 - Basic Quarterback Reads 03:24 28 Chapter 29 - Basic QB Reads: Slant/Flat 02:05 29 Chapter 30 - Basic QB Reads: Stick/Flat 02:45 30 Chapter 31 - Basic QB Reads: Dig/Drag 01:53 31 Chapter 32 - Basic QB Reads: Square In 01:50 32 Chapter 33 - QB Reads: Curl/Flat 01:52 33 Chapter 34 - QB Reads: Sideline Stop/Seam 02:01 34 Chapter 35 - QB Reads: Deep Out/Flat 04:03 35 Chapter 36 - QB Reads: Deep Reads 02:01 36 Chapter 37 - Basic QB Reads: Man Reads 03:09

The Coach

Ron Jenkins has spent the last 20-plus years coaching offensive football at the community-college level in Southern California.  Coach Jenkins played at Colorado State University before moving on to the Dallas Cowboys.  He began his coaching career in 1994 at Santa Monica College, where he coached quarterbacks and receivers.  Within 18 months he was offered the job as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Los Angeles Harbor College. During his short tenure on the Seahawks’ staff, LAHC broke every offensive record, and his quarterback Jack Hawley, (who had recently been cut from another JC) became one of the premier JC quarterbacks in the nation and was offered several scholarships from schools such as Oklahoma and Baylor but decided to stay near home and play at San Diego State University where he was a two year starter before going on to the Buffalo Bills.

Coach Jenkins was then recruited to coach at JC football powerhouse El Camino College where he worked with the quarterbacks and receivers and then shared play-calling duties with Head Coach John Featherstone.  Top Gun Academy was growing quickly during that time and Coach Jenkins finally left the college coaching profession to focus his full attention on grooming quarterbacks and receivers from the high school through the professional and Olympic levels.

Jenkins, who has two advanced degrees has studied and learned from some of the best football minds in the country including Mike Martz and Phil Simms and is also a prolific writer who has authored a number of articles for various coaching journals.  He is a much sought-after clinician who has addressed coaching clinics across the country and installed his offensive philosophies at the high school and college levels and has been a consultant at the professional level. In addition, he has authored several well-received coaching books and has been featured on more than a dozen instructional videos/DVDs than can be obtained through Coaches Choice Books and Videos, or your neighborhood book store.

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