Combining the Diamond & Flexbone High Octane Offense

by Jerry Campbell
Combining the Diamond & Flexbone High Octane Offense


"Combining Diamond & Flexbone Into a High Octane Offense" is designed to take those coaches interested in installing the Diamond and Flexbone Offense through the complete installation with terms and illustrations. The installation of the Diamond and Flexbone is designed to formation an offense into controlling the box, spreading the defense with multiple formations, motion, misdirection plays and reading uncovered receivers. The difference between the Diamond Offense and the Hybrid Flexbone Offense is the location of the Wing Backs which with the Diamond formation move them from Wings to Backs located at the same depth as the Quarterback in the Pistol.  This manual offers 275 pages of information and is broken down into five phases, which includes the use of Multiple Diamond and Pistol formations and motions, traditional Wing-T running game, option game, Zone Read concepts, and Complete Passing game.



The Coach


Jerry Campbell

Clovis West (CA) High School Football Coach


Jerry Campbell brings 45+ years of experience as an active coach with experience at all levels of coaching which includes College, High School and youth football while having 20 years of national clinic speaking experience with the Glazier clinics.  Coach Campbell has a large passion for sharing his experience with others and has authored more than 43 different football books on all aspects on the game of football that includes offense, defense, kicking game and program organization.  Coach Campbell's Football Coaching Videos, Manuals, Books, and DVD's have been written and produced to be thought-provoking, as well as a guide to help coaches evaluate and enhance their philosophies, knowledge, preparation, and schemes. Coach Campbell's Offensive, defense and kicking game football books are filled with X & O diagrams that feature detailed explanation and coaching points. Coach Campbell's Football eBook’s and football manuals can be used as guides for developing a successful approach for implementing many different schemes and techniques in either case, your knowledge on the game of football is guaranteed to improve.



2019 Varsity Offensive Coordinator and Line Coach

2010-2018 head JV Coach

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017 JV Champions

2010 Play-offs, Tri Rivers Athletic Conference Champions, Central Valley Champions 12-1 Season

2009 Play-off Qualifiers

2005 Texas State Football Play-off Qualifier

2005, 2006 7 on 7 Texas State Qualifier, College Station

2005 Selected and chosen to coach NCAA Division II College All-star game (Cactus Bowl), Kingsville, Texas

2004 Texas State Football Play-off Qualifier

2004 7 on 7 State Qualifier, College Station, Tx.

2004 Selected and chosen to coach NCAA Division II College All-star game (Cactus Bowl), Kingsville, Texas

2004 Selected and served as a Board of Directors member for the Texas 7 on 7 State Qualifying Tournaments.

1996 number 1 ranked team in NCAA Division II regular season.

1996 Number 1 ranked team in scoring in the nation

1995 Number 1 ranked rushing offense in the country NCAA Division II

1995 Number 2 nationally ranked team in NCAA Division II

1993, 1995, 1996 Lone Star conference champs

1993, 1995, 1996 NCAA Play-Off qualifier.

1993, 1995 Western Regional Champions and Semi National Finalist

Number 1 ranked team at the NCAA Division II level in scoring 40.1 points per game, number 3 ranked in total offense per game, number 2 ranked team in rushing offense in the nation

Coached numerous All-Americans and most recently a number 1 NFL draft pick with the Philadelphia Eagles

1993 Top 10 ranked defenses at the NCAA Division II level.

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