Defending the Spread Offense | Dave Aranda

Defending the Spread Offense | Dave Aranda


Does your team struggle against the spread offense?

Do you want a way to easily counter and shut down the spread offense?

Do you need help teaching defense to stop the spread offense?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to watch Coach Dave Aranda's Course Defending the Spread Offense.

-- In this course, you will learn how to effectively teach your players ways to stop the spread offense including various styles, strategies, and progressions.

-- He will take you to the whiteboard and draw out multiple types of fronts and plays teaching you how to counter any type of front.

--He shows the game film to show how it actually works and flows in real-time.

If you want your defense to become a no-fly zone and shut down your opponents' spread offensive tactics, then you do not want to miss out on this amazing course.



The Coach





Dave Aranda

Baylor University, Head Coach

Ratings and Reviews (10)

Tyler Caid

Good 3-4 breakdown

Oct 30, 20 10:09 PM

Tyler Caid

Good 3-4 breakdown

Oct 30, 20 10:09 PM

Wayne See

Very helpful. Most of the time, you get this information from a secondary coaches point of view. It is nice to hear it from a LB coach perspective.

Dec 17, 20 01:19 PM

Will Martin

Good information and supporting thru film

Jan 1, 21 03:55 PM

Bryan Hornsby

Great course

Jul 14, 21 05:19 PM

Jason McMains

Great Course!

Dec 27, 21 08:54 AM

Vincent Norvell

This was a awesome course. I learned some valuable information about tight fronts

Mar 17, 22 05:54 AM

Jud Keim

Solid - several scenarios helped...Dave moves fast...but key points were helpful

Mar 24, 22 01:40 PM


Great stuff

Apr 7, 23 01:08 PM

Jeff Weiland

Coach Aranda's quiet and confident demeanor is very effective as a teacher

Apr 15, 23 10:51 AM

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