Designing Pressures from a Two-High Structure

by Cody Alexander
Designing Pressures from a Two-High Structure


In this course, Coach Alexander shows you how to develop coverages to assist in keeping a two-high structure. One issue when spinning to single-high when you base out of Quarters is that you give yourself up, especially versus "check-with-me" offenses. Coach A. gives you a strategy to hold your two-high shell, cut down the teaching when running pressures, and keep your basic coverages even when sending pressure. The key to all of this is the Half-Field Zone scheme Coach A. depicts in this course.


The course includes a presentation, whiteboard talk, & film. Along with PDF versions of three pressures (& their adjustments to other formations).


The Coach


Cody Alexander

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Cody Alexander is currently the Secondary Coach at Midlothian HS (5A DII - TX) and author of

He has written three books on defending modern offenses.

Prior to joining Midlothian, Coach Alexander was the Corners Coach at Lovejoy High School (5A) in Lucas, TX from 2015 to 2016. During the 2014 season, Cody was the co-Defensive Coordinator at L.V. Berkner High School (6A) in Richardson, TX. Before returning to the high school ranks, Coach A. was the Defensive Graduate Assistant at Baylor University.

While at Baylor, Coach A. was on staff for three bowl appearances (Fiesta, Holiday, & Alamo), and a Big XII Championship (2013). Coach Alexander is from Liberty, MO and currently resides in the DFW area.

Ratings and Reviews (7)


Coach Alexander is always detailed in his videos and this is no different. Always learn something new from his stuff and looking forward to more!

Mar 2, 20 06:10 PM


Coach A is more than art of X, it's the art of simply explaining what is complex. I highly recommand this curse and all his books.

Mar 10, 20 07:54 AM

Kevin Booth

Coach Alexander does a good job explaining the thought process Q of when to pressure and when to blitz. He also provides adaptations to each that you can use to fit the players you have in your current program. You will see the schemes on a white board and then you plenty of game tape which is highlighted by great coaching points! Great Video

Mar 20, 20 11:23 AM


Course was very informative. I like the explanations of when you would use the different types of Mix coverages & why the pressure makes sense.

Mar 22, 20 10:28 AM

Matt Garvin

So good!

Apr 17, 20 10:27 PM

Terrance Gant

Great course that explains the concept easily.

Apr 29, 20 10:05 AM

ray tralie

Great course. I've been looking for exactly this. I've been a cover 3 and man guy when I send pressures. I wanted to learn pressure systems with keeping a 2 high look. This did exactly that. Coach is also great at breaking down concepts in laymen's terms. Glad I purchased this.

Jun 3, 21 06:21 AM

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