Easy To Teach Screen Concepts

by Adam Mathieson
Easy To Teach Screen Concepts


Wings & Things Summit - Spread Wing-T: Easy To Teach Screen Concepts


The Coach


Adam Mathieson

Left Coast Spread / Wing-T


Coach Adam Mathieson - Mountain View HS, Vancouver Washington

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Carl Weaver

Great course!

Mar 4, 21 08:00 AM


Coach Mathieson knocks it out of the park with this video! I would recommend any of his videos he has out there. He is plethora of knowledge on the Spread Wing T.

Mar 2, 21 03:54 PM

Danny Norris

Coach Mathison is one of the best... great course!

Mar 4, 21 08:07 AM


Coach Matheison does a great job of teaching the how and the WHY to run each screen. It is part of the system, not just a play. This course will change the way you look at and implement your screen game.

Mar 4, 21 09:33 AM

Eric Lasley

This course was outstanding and very easy to implement into anyone's current offense. Must have if you are into using screens

Mar 5, 21 10:24 AM

Mark Wadel

This screen presentation was just the way I like it: Simple, lots and lots of film, and coaching off the film to show correct assignments, incorrect assignments, and coaching points on how to get better! Thanks !!!

Mar 8, 21 02:58 PM

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