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Over 170 presentations from the best high school and college coaches across the country.


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Program Building/Culture/Organization
1 Q&A with Coach Bill Snyder, Former Head Coach, Kansas State 2 Duties, Responsibilities & Preparing Your Staff as HC - Jim Hilvert, HC, Baldwin Wallace U. 3 Creating a Program by Design - Rob Pomazak, HC, St. Charles North HS (IL) 4 Tangible Ways to Build Culture - Eric Marty, Head Coach Reedley College (CA) 5 Winning Comes Last - Steve Steele, Head Coach T.F. Riggs HS (SD) 6 Why the Winners Win: Commonalities among the Very Best High School Football Programs - Brad Burchfield, HC, Bishop Hartley HS (OH) 7 Thoughts & Reflections on Building A Championship Football Program - Ken Krause, HC, Muskego HS (WI) 8 The Tiger Mile: 3rd to 1st - David Alexander, Head Coach, Broken Arrow HS (OK) 9 Establishing and Maintaining a Culture for Success from a Head Coaching Perspective; Establishing Expectations with Players and Coaches - Chuck Smith, HC Boyle County HS (KY) 10 Championship Football: Success is a Choice - Alex Rotsko, Head Coach, Marshwood HS, Maine 11 Be the Best Version of You - John Perry, Head Coach, Nixa HS (MO) 12 Building a program culture with coaches & players - Kirk Thor, HC, Mansfield Lake Ridge HS (TX) 13 Year Round Program - Yusuf Shakir, Head Coach, Manatee HS (FL) 14 Practice organization, program organization and special teams - Bobby Ramsay, Head Coach, Mandarin HS (FL) 15 How to Win at a Small School - Greg Vandagriff, Head Coach, Prince Avenue Christian School (GA) 16 How to Build Your Culture Virtually During COVID-19 and Beyond - Thad Wells, Colleton Prep Academy (SC) 17 Program Development for New Coaches and Staff Development - Loren Johnson, HC, Highland Springs HS (VA) 18 Rural School Team Building - Kevin Swift, Head Coach, Gold Beach HS (OR) 19 How Success in Our Program Stems From How We Practice - Geron Stokes, Head Coach, Minster HS (OH) 20 Recruiting Your Hallways & Retaining Them - Jeremy Plaa, Head Coach, Thomas Downey HS (CA) 21 Program Development-Coaching to Your Stakeholders - Kirk Fridrich, Head Coach, Union HS (OK) 22 Leadership and Today's Social Issues - Mike Kirschner, Head Coach, Mount Vernon HS (IN) 23 Program Development: Taking Your Program To The Top - Adam Mathieson, HC, Mountainview HS (WA)
24 The Analytics of Two-Point Conversions (You might be surprised!) - Rob Ash (former college coach), Championship Analytics 25 Meaningful Stats & The Triple Gun Offense - Tony Demeo, Retired College Head Coach 26 Looking at Analytics - Adam Clack, Milton HS (GA) 27 What Wins? Stats that Matter Most - Jake Gilbert, Head Coach, Westfield HS (IN)
Performance (Strength & Conditioning/Mental Performance)
28 What They Don't Teach You in College About Coaching Football - Rick Jones, Sr. Assistant to the HC, Mizzou 29 How Coaches Should Approach Professional Development - Fergus Connelly, Performance Consultant to NFL Teams 30 S&C Coaches and Their Role in Skill Acquisition in Football - Kurt Hester, S&C Coach, Louisiana Tech University 31 Mental Performance and Character Development - Levi Nelson, Head Coach, Field HS (OH) 32 Developing a Comprehensive 7-12th Strength Program to Meet Each Athlete Where They Are + How to Train During Quarantine - Micah Kurtz, Strength & Conditioning Coach (SC) 33 Performance Psychology in Football pt. 1 - Shawn Jezek, Special Teams Coordinator, Catholic HS (LA) 34 Performance Psychology in Football Part 2 - Shawn Jezek, Special Teams Coordinator, Catholic HS (LA) 35 General Strength and Conditioning Q&A - Michael Stachiotti, University of Pittsburgh 36 Movement Skill Acquisition Ideas for American Football - Shawn Myszka, NFL Movement Consultant/Coach 37 Practice Scripting to Optimize Performance - Erik Korem, Associate AD for High Performance, William & Mary College 38 Conditioning best-practices for football - Ben Gleason, Professor, Louisiana Tech University 39 What It Means To Be a KING - Rachel Joy Baribeau, Changing the Narrative
Offensive Scheme
40 BAFCA Presents Virtual Offensive Clinic with NZone Systems 41 Q&A with Coach Noel Mazzone, Offensive Coordinator, University of Arizona 42 Offensive Football - Joe Beschorner, Offensive Coordinator, Minnesota State (NCAA D2, MN) 43 Developing an Offensive Game Plan - Andy Kotelnicki, University of Buffalo (NCAA FBS, NY) 44 Game Planning Grading for Jimmy & Joes - Dub Maddox, Offensive Coordinator, Union HS (OK) 45 Game Planning Formation Stressors - Ian Shoemaker, Offensive Coordinator, Eastern Washington University (NCAA FCS, WA) 46 Offensive Game Planning: Scripting for Success - Jason Mohns, Head Coach, Saguaro HS (AZ) 47 Game Planning Made Easy in the Spread Offense - Jason McManus, MacAttack Offense (SC) 48 Calling the Perfect Play - Herbert Davis, Head Coach, Madison Ridgeland Academy (GA) 49 Tempo/Pass Game - Keith Barefield, Offensive Analyst, University of Louisiana-Lafayette (NCAA FBS, LA) 50 Advantages of Being an Explosive Fast Paced Offense - Jason Lewis, OC, Heidelberg University 51 No Huddle Offense - Derek Leonard, Head Coach, Rochester HS (IL) 52 One Word Tempo Plays and Offensive Game Planning - Steve Rapp, Offensive Coordinator, Wise HS (MD) 53 No Huddle No Mercy Offense- Tempo Tips and Tricks - Shawn Liotta, Head Coach, Burrell HS (PA) 54 TE Driven RPO's - Mike Denbrock, Offensive Coordinator, University of Cincinnati (NCAA, FS OH) 55 RPO's - Brent Dearmon, Offensive Coordinator, Kansas University 56 Packaging RPO's with Inside Run - Matt Drinkall, TE Coach, Army - West Point Military Academy 57 Game Planning, Teaching RSO's & RPO's - John Marinelli, Offensive Quality Control, University of Arizona 58 RPO's & Screens - Lucas Lueders, Offensive Coordinator, Central Missouri (NCAA D2, MO) 59 Utilizing TE with RPO's and Play Action - Alan Hensell, Head Coach, Franklin College (NCAA D3, IN) 60 RPO Offense - John Pennington, Head Coach, West Virginia State (NCAA D2, WV) 61 Cutting Edge RPO's - Matt Rosait, Head Coach, Perry HS (OH) 62 RPO and Play Action Passing Game out of the Shotgun Wing-T - Scott Meadows, HC, Pigeon Forge HS (TN) 63 Belly-Bubble Concept - Mickey Mental, Head Coach, Notre Dame College (NCAA D2, OH) 64 Pin and Pull From the Spread with RPO - Ryan Baldock, Head Coach, Cornwall HS (NY) 65 Reading Unblocked Defenders in Pistol Wing T - Rick Stewart, All Access Coaching (CA) 66 Power Read with Variations and Play Actions from Multiple Sets - Tom Lombardo, HC, St. Edward HS (OH) 67 Power Read and NDSU Play Action - Tyler Roehl, North Dakota State University (NCAA FCS, ND) 68 Outside Zone - Jeff Fox, Head Coach, Nordonia HS (OH) 69 Outside Zone - Juan Johnson, Run Game Coordinator, Hewitt-Trussville HS (AL) 70 Wide-Mid-Tight Zone- Taught as One Play - Matt Duffy, Head Coach, Willoughby South HS (OH) 71 Wyoming Zone & Power Run Game: Including Game Film & Drill Work - Bart Miller, Offensive Line Coach, University of Wyoming (NCAA FBS, WY) 72 The Wham Play - Cody Kennedy, Offensive Line Coach, Tulane University (NCAA FBS, LA) 73 Teaching the Wide Zone - Jason Houghtaling, Offensive Line Coach, Colgate University (NCAA FCS, NY) 74 Teaching Pin & Pull Schemes - Mike Cummings, Offensive Line Coach, Central Michigan University (NCAA FBS, MI) 75 The Fly Sweep - Mark Speckman, Assistant Head Coach/RB Coach, UC Davis (NCAA FCS, CA) 76 Jet Motion Package - Saj Thakkar, Running Backs Coach, Harvard University (NCAA FCS, MA) 77 How Run Game Can Align with Rest of Playbook - Jeremy Bandy, Head Coach, Worcester Academy (MA) 78 Wing T - Kenny Simpson, Head Coach, Southside High School (AR) 79 Tunnel Screens: Philosophy, Rules, Coaching Points, and Variations - Danny Schaecter, Offensive Coordinator, Gonzaga HS (DC) 80 Attitude Passes: Shallow Screen, Smash Option, Multiple Vertical - Josh Herring, Offensive Coordinator, Jones County HS (GA) 81 All Position Screen Game - Joe Davis, Offensive Coordinator, University of Albany (NCAA FCS, NY) 82 Red Zone Perimeter Concepts - Tim Zetts, Offensive Coordinator, Austin Peay University (NCAA FCS, TN) 83 Don't Outsmart Yourself - The Beauty in Simplicity (Air Raid Practice Plan & Gameplanning) - Eric Mele, Running Backs Coach, Mississippi State (NCAA FBS, MS) 84 Pulaski Academy's Unique Passing Game - Kevin Kelley, Head Coach Pulaski Academy (AR) 85 Spread Option Run Game - Aaron Chantler, Head Coach, Auburn HS (WA) 86 All Things Option Football - Kelly Lee, Head Coach, Eastern New Mexico University, (NCAA D2, NM) 87 20 Personal Package Plays - Patrick Henry, Head Coach, Averett University (NCAA D3, VA) 88 Boundary Pass Concepts - Andrew Coverdale, Offensive Coordinator, St. Xavier HS (OH) 89 Vertical Passing Game - Jarrett Troxler, Offensive Coordinator, Massillon Washington HS (OH) 90 Read & Shoot Passing Game - Dan Gonzalez, Coaching Consultant (TX) 91 Mesh and Shallow Cross Variations - Scotty Walden, Co-OC, University of Southern Mississippi 92 Creating an Offensive Culture and Air Raid Pass Game - Jimmy Robertson, Head Coach, Fairleigh Dickinson University (NCAA D3, NJ) 93 Shallow Concept & Its Built in Answers - Stan Hodgin, Offensive Coordinator, Shenandoah University (NCAA D3, VA) 94 Crossing Routes in the Air Raid Offense - George Coltharp, 92 Mesh Group 95 Developing a Championship Passing Game - John Bond, Former Offensive Coordinator, University of Northern Iowa (NCAA FCS, IA) 96 Teaching Spread Passing Concepts in Pistol and Gun - Aaron Boehme, Co-Offensive Coordinator, Linfield University (NCAA D3, OR) 97 How to Increase Production in Your Spread Offense - Terrance Banks 98 Vertical Pass Game: Redline Concept/Top of Route Fundamentals - Winston October, Passing Game Coordinator, Edmonton Eskimos (CFL) 99 Pass Game (Horizontal & Vertical Stretch) - Tye Hiatt, Offensive Coordinator, Shepherd University 100 Play Action Pass - Mark Solis, Head Coach, Olentangy HS (OH) 101 Maximizing Play Action in a Balanced Offense - Brett Dietz, HC, Depauw University 102 Two Point Plays - Tm Delaney, Head Coach, South Park HS (NY) 103 Innovations in Unbalanced 11 Personnel Spread Power Offense - Scott Girolmo, Head Coach, Battlefield HS (VA) 104 The Best Play in Football! The Trap - Bruce Eien
Offensive Skills and Techniques
105 Making a QB His Best Self - Tony Franklin, Offensive Coordinator, Middle Tennessee (NCAA FBS, TN) 106 QB Drills and Techniques in the Air Raid - Phil Longo, OC, University of North Carolina 107 QB Answers - Rob Weiner, QB Coach, University of Toledo (NCAA FBS, OH) 108 QB Mindset/Preparation - Jake Plummer, Former NFL QB 109 Intro to QB Mechanics - Will Hewlett, QB Collective 110 High Octane QB Development - Zach Tinker, Offensive Coordinator, Central Washington University (NCAA D2, WA) 111 Game Week QB Prep - Kyle Ohradzansky, Passing Game Coordinator/QB Coach, University of Findlay (NCAA D2, OH) 112 Twelve Month QB Development - Jeff Steinberg, Head Coach, Beaumont HS (CA) 113 QB Drills to Improve RPO and Pass Game: Teaching Your QB To See Pre/Post Snap Pictures with Cross and Shot Tags - Josh Lindke, Passing Game Coordinator, Toledo Central Cath HS(OH) 114 OL Base Technique & Fundamentals with Drills - Brian Callahan, Offensive Line Coach, University of Minnesota 115 Teaching the 2PT Stance- Run Game and Pass Game Fundamentals and Offseason Development - Steven Ciocci, Offensive Line Coach, Bryant University (NCAA FCS, RI) 116 OL Gap Scheme - Applying Drills to Game Day - Steven Ciocci, Offensive Line Coach, Bryant University 117 "Force Deflection" Base Blocks on the LOS - Mike Pollak, Former NFL O-Lineman, Tip of the Spear Football 118 Building an Oline from Scratch - Tony Neymeiyer, Offensive Coordinator, St. Thomas University (NAIA, FL) 119 Simplifying Pass Protection Language - Bobby Johnson, Offensive Line Coach, University of Albany (NCAA FCS, NY) 120 Development of TE's in Modern College Football - Kyle Segler, TE Coach, Marshall University (NCAA FBS, WV) 121 RB Philosophy and Drills - Ben Buys, Head Coach, La Salle College Prep (CA) 122 Ball Security & Creating Explosiveness - Jeff Conaway, Head Coach, Shiloh Christian Academy (AR) 123 Wide Receiver Fundamentals - Eli Keimach, Assistant Coach, Duke University (NCAA FBS, NC) 124 Simple Drills for WR Indy - Jordan Hogan, Receivers Coach, Cornell University (NCAA FCS, NY) 125 Creating Separation for Wide Receivers - Buddy Blevins, Offensive Coordinator, Western New Mexico University (NCAA D2, NM) 126 Power Blocking at Skill Positions and Post Route Downfield Blocking - Tim Foster, Co-Offensive Coordinator, Mercer University (NCAA FCS, GA) 127 Press Releases & The Art of Route Running - Drew Liberman, Founder, Sideline Hustle (NY)
Defensive Scheme
128 Duke Defense- Creating Culture & Teaching Methods - Matt Guerrieri, DC, Duke University 129 Defensive Preparation - Todd Drury, Head Coach, Missouri S&T (NCAA D2, MO) 130 Gameplan- from scout film to practice schedule - Jamie Lemmond, Defensive Coordinator, St. Stephens Episcopal HS (FL) 131 3 Down Change Ups to Your 4 Down System - Jeff Dittman, Defensive Coordinator, RPI (NCAA D3, NY) 132 3/4-4/2 Defense - Nate Moore, Head Coach, Massillon Washington HS (OH) 133 3-4 Fire Zones 2.0: Going Beyond the NCAA Blitz - Jason Bornn, Head Coach, Saugus HS (CA) 134 Defending Spread Formations in the 3-3 - Chad Hetlet, Head Coach, Glenbard West HS (IL) 135 3 Deep Match Coverage - Marc Matiolli, Cornerbacks Coach, Vanderbilt University (NCAA FBS, TN) 136 Secondary Coverages Discussion - Joey Didier, Defensive Coordinator, St. Francis University (NAIA, IN) 137 Split Field Man Match Quarters Defense - Dante Bartee, Defensive Assistant, University of California - Berkley 138 Strong Safety/Overhang Pass Drops in 4-2-5, Austin Cordova, Safeties Coach, College of Wooster (NCAA D3, OH) 139 3x1 Coverage Adjustments from 3 Safety Alignments - Mike Giancola, Defensive Coordinator, Bridgewater College (NCAA D3, VA) 140 4-3 Defense and Trips Adjustments - Eric Kasperowicz, Head Coach, Pine-Richland HS (PA) 141 1st and 2nd Down Coverages from G Defense (4-3 Principles from Base & Sub)- Rob Everett, Former College DC 142 Teaching Press Coverage Mentality and Concepts - Adam Harvey, Defensive Coordinator, Hutto HS (TX) 143 Rip/Liz Coverages - Kyle Cogan, Head Coach, Lexington HS (MO) 144 Defending the RPO- Tackling Drills - Casey Jacobsen, Co-Defensive Coordinator, Morningside College (NAIA, IA) 145 Defending RPO's with Quarter, Quarter Half - Jason Makrinos, Defensive Coordinator, University of Findlay (NCAA D2, OH) 146 Stopping RPO's Throws in Multiple Coverages - Nick Davis, Defensive Coordinator, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (NCAA D3, IN) 147 Using Hybrid LB's at the 1st Level - Chris Wolfe, Head Coach, Male HS (KY) 148 Creepers and Simulated Pressures - Adam Gaylor, Defensive Coordinator, Jenks HS (OK)
Defensive Skills and Techniques
149 Not Your Everyday Drills- Taking Individual Time to the Next Level - Woody Blevins, Defensive Coordinator, Assumption College (NCAA D2, MA) 150 Tackling & Defensive Fundamentals - John Loose, Associate Head Coach/LB Coach, Army - West Point Military Academy (NCAA FBS, NY) 151 Tackling - Vince Digaetano, Assistant Coach-Linebackers, Fordham University (NCAA FCS, NY) 152 Pursuit, Tackle, and Turnover Circuit Drills - Branden Jakubcin, Defensive Coordinator, Heidelberg University (NCAA D3, OH) 153 Game Driven Tackling Drills and Circuits. Does your practice work on what film is telling you? - Jacob Lord, Head Coach, Robert Toombs Christian Academy (GA) 154 Defense - Coaching Effort & Preventing Big Plays - Mark Bruns, Defensive Coordinator, Coldwater HS (OH 155 Full Field Run after Catch Drill, "Swagger Drill" Involving All Position Groups - Quitman "Deuce" Harrison, Defensive Coordinator, Catholic HS (LA) 156 Cornerback Play and Techniques - Larry Kindbom, Secondary Coach, Washington University of St. Louis (NCAA D3, MO) 157 Fundamentals of Press Coverage - Grant Caserta, Defensive Coordinator, Illinois Wesleyan University (NCAA D3, IL) 158 Execution of Press Man Coverage - Joe Kasper, Assistant Coach, Duke University (NCAA FBS, NC) 159 Lower Body Discipline in Inside/Outside Linebackers - Jake Dawson, Student Assistant, University of Tennessee (NCAA FBS, TN)
Special Teams
160 Special Teams Coverage - Bobby April, Former NFL Coach 161 Special Teams Topics and Organization - Justin Lustig, Associate Head Coach, Special Teams, Wide Receivers, Syracuse University (NCAA FBS, NY) 162 Special Teams: Culture, Organization, & Drills for all 4 Phases - Keith Larson, Special Teams Coordinator, Bucknell University (NCAA FCS, PA) 163 The Fourth Down Mentality- Special Teams Organization and Drills, Garrett McLaughlin, Special Teams Coordinator, Bates College (NCAA D3, ME) 164 Special Teams Weekly Prep - Scott Donaldson, Head Coach, Heidelberg University (NCAA D3, OH) 165 Special Operations: A New Spin on the Kicking Game - Christian Vitale, Special Teams Coordinator 166 Building Your Special Teams Basics - Brian Cummings, Third Phase Football 167 Special Teams - Kick Off Coverage, Dan Reineck, Special Teams Quality Control, Ball State University (NCAA FBS, IN) 168 Ben Davis Special Teams - Jason Simmons, Head Coach, Ben Davis HS (IN) 169 Kicking Techniques and Fundamentals - Kristian Stern, Kicking Coach, Westwood HS (TX) 170 Easy Drills to Improve Your Punt Team - Mike Famiglietti, Special Teams Coordinator, Kansas Wesleyan University (NAIA, KS) 171 Being Dynamic & Aggressive in the 3 man Shield Punt Formation - Shawn Jezek, Special Teams, Catholic HS (LA) 172 Kickoff Coverage - Jason Jarvis, Special Teams Coordinator, Massillon Washington HS (OH)

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