Rob Rhodes

Gaining an Advantage with 2-Point Concepts

Do you want to win more games? The margin for victory is getting smaller every season.  Why not go for TWO and win more games and put the pressure on your opponent? In this course, you will learn how to use 8 different formations that give defenses fits.  You will also learn the top plays that we run that have helped us score 80% of our Two-point conversions in the last 6 years.  What are you waiting for? In this package you will get:
-Article:Should You Go For Two?
-PowerPoint of the Formations and concepts used.
-Video of the concepts and explanation on how to execute.

Chapter 1
1 Introduction 05:41
Chapter 2
2 Southside Concept 03:13
3 Southside Video 04:15
Chapter 3
4 Bobber Concept 02:05
5 Bobber Video 03:54
Chapter 4
6 Pirate Concept 01:51
7 Pirate Video 02:59
Chapter 5
8 Hook Concept 01:59
9 Hook Video 02:50
Chapter 6
10 Hammer Concept 01:43
11 Hammer Video 02:14
Chapter 7
12 Fish Concept 01:47
13 Fish Video 02:55
Chapter 8
14 Whale Concept 01:22
15 Whale Video 03:26
Chapter 9
16 Crab Concept 01:06
17 Crab Video 03:08
Chapter 10
18 Shark Concept 00:38
19 Shark Video 01:38
Chapter 11
20 Conclusion 00:28
Bonus Material
21 Should You Go for 2 Article
22 Gaining an Advantage with 2-Point Concepts Slide Deck

Rob Rhodes Coaches Clinic Championships are Won in the Offseason

For the past seven years Mike Rowe has been an active member of the ROCORI School District, working as a third grade teacher and head coach of the Spartans Football program. Under Coach Rowe ROCORI high school has won two conference titles, four section championships, and appeared in the state playoff in 2011, 2014, 2015, 2106, and 2017. In 2011 the Spartans won their first ever State Football Championship. Coach Rowe has been an advocate for developing character in his athletes and in 2014 the NFL featured him in a video that aimed to stop domestic violence and dating violence. Prior to taking over the Spartans Football program Mike Rowe was coaching college football at Central Lakes College, Minot State, and St. Cloud State. Mike has been involved in the NFL High School Player Development Camps the last three years, and is married to wife Elisabeth, with whom he has three children Avery, Ainsley, and Grayson.   Coach Rowe has also partnered with to make both his Team Building the Spartan Way Program , as well as his Spartan Spread System available to other coaches.

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Terrance Banks

Coach Rowe has done it again. Here is a course for the coaches who want to go for 2 more but need help in how to formation and set up defenses this is a must have course!
Feb 4, 18 09:54 PM

Slade Singleton

Another great resource from coach Rowe! He does a great job of going into great detail of his 2pt. concepts with diagrams and film breakdown. This definitely could be a game changer for you're program.
Feb 4, 18 10:16 PM

John 'Coach' Maurek
John Maurek

What a great format! More coaches should do this!
Feb 18, 18 07:06 PM