Keith Carter - Outside Zone Play Action & Run Action Pass: The Titan Way

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Keith Carter - Outside Zone Play Action & Run Action Pass: The Titan Way


Follow Tennessee Titans Offensive Line Coach Keith Carter as he breaks down some of his best techniques and drills that have worked over the course of a fifteen year career with NCAA and NFL teams.

This course focuses on real gameday replays and practice demonstrations, alongside the coaching points  that make  those frontside and backside combination block techniques successful.

Course Breakdown

Learn as seasoned professional coach Bob Wylie is joined by Coach Keith Carter of the Tennessee Titans to discuss play action and run action plays that create game winning drives for your team.

Starting with Man Reach Techniques and Drills, Coach Keith Carter breaks down successful plays from professional games and how those techniques and habits translate into wins.

Moving to Frontside Combination Blocks, Coach Keith Carter showcases slides and gameday film to showcase successes in techniques and failures in placement and how that impacts a drive. Coach Keith Carter then pivots to Backside Combination Blocks and the value they can add to a team, commentating through examples that break down player by player a strong strategy to push forward.

Coach Keith Carter finishes with discussing Play Passes and emphasizes points to create explosive plays from them followed by a prerecorded question and answer portion with several coaches. 


1 Bob Wylie Introduction 3:22 2 Gratitude & Appreciation 1:33 3 Why Outside Zone 1:11 4 Effort First 0:49 5 Your Play Style Compared To Your Technique 1:33 6 Points Of Emphasis 0:58 7 Get To The Second Level Fast 0:53 8 Horizontal & Vertical Displacement 0:54 9 Speed & Urgency Are A Must 0:31
Man Reach Technique & Drills
10 Man Reach 0:51 11 Eye & Hand Placement 1:48 12 Towel Drill 1:36 13 Fit Drill 2:19 14 Fit Drill Hand Placement 0:44 15 Wave - Keep Hips Attached 0:38 16 Mr's 5:10 17 The Lower Half Can Never Stop Moving 1:24 18 Drive Block On An Angle 1:45 19 Don't Be Afraid To Run Into A 3 Technique 1:40 20 Run Through Contact & Strain 0:16 21 Keep The Hips Attached & Knock The Guy Off His Spot 0:32 22 Man Reach With Movement 0:35 23 Catch & Stab Angled Edge Rusher 0:39
Front Side Combination Block Technique & Drills
24 Covered & Uncovered 2:17 25 Climb Drill 1:55 26 Press The Outside Number 0:44 27 Right Guard & Tackle 0:20 28 A Bad Block Can Still Be A Positive 0:32 29 Snap Drill 2:50 30 Knock Out The Block And Make The Read For The Back 0:40 31 Snap Drill Game Example 0:56 32 Don't Cut The Block Back Too Quickly 0:54 33 Left Guard & Tackle Snap 0:21 34 Overtake Drill 3:40 35 Maintain The Same Speed Throughout The Block 1:08 36 Eyes Past Midline 1:39 37 It All Starts With Man Reach 1:08
Backside Combination Block Technique & Drills
38 Covered/ Uncovered 2:32 39 3 Bag Warmup 1:41 40 Backhands Drill 1:26 41 Fit Drill Cut Off 7:23 42 Tennis Ball Drill 6:42 43 A Block 0:43 44 Fight Off The Torque & Make The Block 0:41 45 With Leverage Drill 0:44 46 Pop, Extend, & Wait 0:22 47 Center & Guard Combo 0:24
Play Pass
48 Play Pass 1:30 49 Sell The Cut Off 0:31 50 Combo On The 2i 1:42
Question & Answer
51 Questions & Answers 19:40

The Coach

Keith Carter is in his third season as the Titans Offensive Line Coach, his eighth season coaching in the NFL and his fifteenth season in coaching. Carter joined the Titans after three stints with the Atlanta Falcons. He burned through 2015 and 2016 as Atlanta's associate Offensive line coach and 2017 as the running backs coach. The 2017 Falcons tied for the NFL's seventh-best rushing average. Additionally, Carter had coaching stops at the University of San Diego, University of Redlands, Wagner College, and UCLA (undergrad associate, 2005). He played tight end, H-back and fullback at UCLA (2001-04).

Ratings and Reviews (9)

Helder Valle

Great, clinic on Wide zone

Jun 26, 21 08:37 PM

Nathan Butts

This is one of the best wide zone clinics I have ever watched. Coach Carter is an excellent teacher and coach.

Dec 1, 21 06:49 AM

Coach Medlock

Great course teaches the essential elements of the outside zone should be ran.

Dec 19, 21 12:56 PM

Kyle Stout

Extensive breakdown of drills as well as coaching points. One of the most detailed outside run clinics I have watched. If you run the stretch/outside zone there are things you can take away from this to be better!

Dec 29, 21 10:58 AM

Tyler Ferreria

Really like this video for wide/outside zone details and cut ups. Commentary is good to with coach giving insight on Titans OL group. Really like the concept of having them run, not chopping feet, when running this play. Will use this with players as great examples.

Jan 16, 22 09:37 PM

Tyler Brooks

Great course! Tons of great coaching points and plenty of drills to implement at all levels.

Jan 25, 22 10:52 AM


He's an excellent teacher and this was a very good presentation on Wide Zone. It also showed a lot of his drill work.

Feb 23, 22 02:17 PM

Alexander Navarro

Awesome break down!

Mar 4, 22 12:14 PM

Nick Romero

Great clinic. I appreciated how Coach Carter went into depth on the teach to execute the overall scheme. Awesome clips of good and bad examples. Thank you.

Jan 18, 23 02:14 PM

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