Mike Enright - Keeping your Pass Game Simple & Productive

by Southern California Football Coaches Association
Mike Enright - Keeping your Pass Game Simple & Productive


Do you want to learn how to make your pass game both simple and productive? Well, you've come to the right place! In this course, Coach Mike Enright teaches you multiple pass sets you need to get your offense to dominate in the passing game. He shows off both game film and whiteboard examples of the plays in order to transparently reveal these simple plays you can emulate for your offense. If you are a coach who wants multiple pass concepts and simple pass plays to increase your arsenal, then this is the course for you!

First, he breaks down the Stop Seam concept. The key to this passing scheme is for the quarterback to get rid of the ball quickly. He shows off the different whiteboard examples and game film cutups you need to successfully run this offensive concept.

Next, he moves onto the Slant Rim concept. He breaks down multiple formations and even how to run these plays in the red zone. He even breaks down when and where you should throw each route based on how the defenders are reacting.

He then moves onto the Break Seam concept. There are 2 important keys to this concept. You need to hit your stud athlete or take the easy completion in order for this to work. He shows off the game film and whiteboard of this concept for full transparency. 

After the break seam concept, he breaks down the Fade Out concept. He shows off how versatile this concept can be with multiple formations and alignments. He even shows off what to do if the defense chooses to blitz while running one of these plays. 

Next, he reveals his Fade concept. This will only be successful if you take the time to rep it out with your athletes. You need to attack the weakest cornerbacks and allow your players to make the plays. He shows it off in an empty formation where it can truly be successful.

His next concept is the Read concept. Obviously, this is where your receivers read how the defense reacts and can change the route mid-route. The defense tends to bail off making the flat route an easy conversion. A key to this is to settle in the open holes that the defense will make. 

Finally, he breaks down the Sprint and Fly concepts. These concepts help the QB make easy decisions and boost the QB's confidence.

If you are a coach who wants to improve your pass game and add new simple concepts to your game plan, then this is the course for you!


1 Introduction 1:58 2 Rancho Alamitos 0:45 3 Rancho Athletes 0:25 4 How do we find our QBs 1:00 5 KISS 2:19 6 Rancho Short Game 1:31 7 Stats 2:16
Stop Seam
8 Stop Seams Whiteboard 2:06 9 Seam Stop Film 0:23 10 Play Catch 0:26 11 Stop Seam 3x1 0:40 12 Tight CB 0:30 13 2 Back Stop Seam 0:22 14 Motion with Stop Seam 0:12 15 Empty Stop Seam 0:34 16 Boundary Hitch 0:34 17 Get rid of it 0:18 18 Stop Seam in the Redzone 0:33
Slant Rim
19 Slant Rim Whiteboard 1:21 20 2 Back Slant Rim 0:55 21 Throw the Rim 0:48 22 Redzone Slant Rim 0:26 23 Reps Reps Reps 0:37 24 Waiting for the Break 0:17 25 Waiting for the Flat Defender 0:15 26 Fitting it in a tight window 0:12 27 Hitting the Seam Route 1:10 28 Slant Go 0:23
Break Seam
29 Break Seam Whiteboard 1:30 30 Not a fan of 7on7 0:48 31 Settle in Open Grass 0:36 32 Throw to our Best Player 0:59 33 Empty Break Seam 1:05 34 Take the easy completion 0:48 35 Average Kids 1:12
Fade Out
36 Fade Out Whiteboard 1:14 37 Backed Up 0:50 38 2 Back Out Fade 0:24 39 Inside WRs Switch Routes 0:28 40 Throwing vs Blitz 0:39 41 Throwing the Fade vs Tight CB 0:27 42 Inside WR Switch Routes 0:17 43 Fade vs Tight CB PT2 0:13
44 Fade Whiteboard 0:44 45 Success through Repetition 0:17 46 Fade from Empty 0:42 47 Throw it up the Seam 0:16 48 Let your guy make a play 0:39 49 Look off to opposite seam 0:37 50 Attack the Weakest CB 0:48
51 Z Read Whiteboard 1:43 52 Play catch with the Single 0:20 53 Settle in the Hole 0:33 54 Throw the Flat Route 0:22 55 The Defense Bails off 0:28
56 Sprint Whiteboard 1:40 57 Throwing the Out Route 0:33 58 Wheel wide Open 2:32 59 Don't get Fancy 0:40 60 Easy Curl 0:12
61 Fly Whiteboard 0:51 62 Easy completion for the QB 0:19 63 QB Confidence Booster 1:25

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Mike Enright | Rancho Alamitos High School | Head Coach

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