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More with 4 System - QB Runs with Motion

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More with 4 System - QB Runs with Motion


In this course Coach Singleton builds on his popular More with Four eClinic by discussing different ways he window dresses his QB Runs with Motions.  He details how he leverages QB Power, Truck, and Dart in the More with 4 System.  As a bonus, he discusses 3 RPOs he uses to complement these run schemes.


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Slade Singleton has spent the last 10 seasons developing his "More with 4 System" with simplicity at its core.  Using this system, he has minimized the learning curve for his players while helping turn around multiple struggling High School programs.  Coach Singleton's teams pracitce these simple concepts until they are good at them and then they add window dressing to make them appear diffrently to the Defense. In addition to its simplicity, one of the strenths of the this system is that you do not need exceptional athletes to execute it.

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Great job, worth it!

Mar 10, 19 07:19 PM

Grey Powell

Yet again Coach Singleton does a great job explaining and teaching concepts. This QB Run with Motions course is very good!

Mar 10, 19 10:06 PM

John Bronkhorst

I'm always looking to improve my QB run game and this course knocks it out of the park. Once again, Coach Singleton does a great job of teaching the concepts in a simple manner that will allow any coach to install them into their offensive attack.

Mar 11, 19 08:19 AM


If you are looking to seriously run your QB, this is a great system to learn from and maximize your run offense. Coach Singleton does a great job yearly in getting his QB to be an effective runner to balance his offense. Another great job from Coach!

Mar 12, 19 06:43 AM


Loved it. Great ideas to get your offense +1 in the box and take advantage of athletic QBs.

Mar 14, 19 06:20 AM

Michael Behr

Another great session. Awesome information... Also, a few nice wrinkles

Mar 17, 19 03:59 PM


Excellent job by Coach Singleton! Very detailed plan to run the QB. I really got alot from the QB Truck section. Definitely going to steal several ideas from this clinic. Well worth your time and money to dive into this one!

Mar 18, 19 11:40 AM

Matt Weber

great course. easy to follow and easy to install. thanks.

Apr 30, 19 06:52 AM

John Maurek

Coach Singleton provides great insight!

Feb 9, 20 05:40 PM

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