Breaking down the New Mexico Shotgun Triple Option Offense

by Football For Coaches
Breaking down the New Mexico Shotgun Triple Option Offense


The New Mexico Triple Option attack combines the ease and reliability of the Zone Read with the deception and gashing attack of the triple option. 

In this course, I will break down the basic triple option scheme that I have observed New Mexico run against the most popular defenses coaches see today.

Also included are the complimentary plays New Mexico uses to counter their triple option attack. 

I do not represent New Mexico football in any way, this is simply my interpretation of what they run. 

If you are wanting to incorporate this style of offense or if you just want to understand it better, this course is a great way to better understand the Zone Triple Option offensive strategy.

A .pdf playbook download is also included that details triple option rules and has each play in the course fully diagrammed against the defense. 

Save time figuring out blocking assignments that work against everything.

New Mexico's Base Triple Option blocking scheme against multiple fronts is included. 

Triple option blocking rules are based on New Mexico's numbering system which allows them to I.D. every front effectively. 

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This is a nice course just enough info to get your guys in position to play without all the fluff

Jun 21, 17 02:57 PM

Francisco Rangel

Great Intel

Mar 9, 17 02:52 PM

Steve Papin

Very insightful

Mar 23, 17 09:02 PM

Ovean Moore

I think this will be very helpful to mix into our offensive system for the upcoming season, really like the film cut ups. Thanks

Apr 11, 17 03:55 AM

Shawn Holley

Great tutorial on New Mexico's triple option based offense. Any coach that wants to learn this system, this is a must have!

Apr 17, 17 04:03 PM



May 26, 17 02:35 PM


Nice overview to understand concept

Jul 10, 17 08:58 PM


Nice job breaking down the assignments

Dec 7, 17 10:54 PM


Very valuable information.

Dec 25, 19 01:16 PM

Was expecting more, the PDF playbook only has like 10 plays,

Jan 22, 21 10:21 AM

billybob225 bob

Very informative. Learn new concepts.

Jul 11, 21 06:55 PM

Tyler Ferreria

Interesting offense. Commentary was just ok until the end. Theres a college level coach speaker on one or two clips.

Jan 17, 22 12:04 AM

Anraah Givan

Love it

Apr 19, 22 10:45 AM

Anraah Givan

Love it

Apr 19, 22 10:45 AM



Nov 30, 22 02:35 PM

Michael Bonneville


Mar 18, 23 11:20 AM


Outside of specific naming of formations/plays; this is was a great course for learning how to run New Mexico's version of Shotgun Triple Option

Jul 6, 23 09:20 AM

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