Oklahoma Offensive Breakdown (2017 Plays) eBook

by Football For Coaches
Oklahoma Offensive Breakdown (2017 Plays) eBook


Now you can see and analyze every single play of Oklahoma's offense against Ohio State from a coaches perspective. 

Find out every assignment of every player throughout the game.

Watch video above for samples from the playbook.

See how Lincoln Riley calls plays throughout the game based on down and distance. 

Learn how the Air Raid has progressed to be combined with the powerful Pro-Spread run game.

Imagine how your offense will take these concepts and adapt them into your system. 

Course includes a .pdf download of the 74 play document with full offensive diagrams of each offensive play Oklahoma ran in the game. 

Every play is drawn up with every single player labeled.

In addition to that, every play is labeled as follows:

-Playcall -Quarter -Time of Game -Down and Distance -Result (Gain/Loss/TD/Penalty)  

Watch along with the free video of the game right off YouTube to see the visual representation of each play. 


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Jason has been studying the game of football since he first became a coach at the collegiate level in 1999. His passion led him into a variety of coaching positions where he enjoyed learning new systems from a wide variety of coaches at multiple levels. Jason is as passionate about coaches education as he is about coaching the game of football. Check out Jason's appearances on the Winning Youth Coaching podcast as well as The Sports Parenting Podcast. He was also the first coach to pioneer taking the flipped classroom into physical education and coaching under the influence of John Bergman, the pioneer of the Flipped Classroom Movement. As an author, Jason has been published in John's book titled "Flipped Learning: Gateway to Student Engagement". Currently, Jason teaches Physical Education in Chicago's North Suburbs and is also the founder of The Pro Style Spread Offense Football System.   Football Coaching Experience: Special Team Coordinator, 2012 – 2013, New Trier High School, Winnetka, Illinois Offensive Coordinator, 2009 – 2011, North Shore Country Day School, Winnetka, Illinois Defensive Coordinator, 2007 –  2009, North Shore Country Day School, Winnetka, Illinois Offensive and Defensive Line, 2005, Muncie South Side High School, Muncie, Indiana Assistant Football Coach, Wide Receivers, 2000 to 2005, Taylor University Football, Upland, Indiana (Under Head Coach Steve Wilt) Assistant Football Coach, Wide Receivers, 1999 to 2000, Trinity International University, Deerfield, Illinois (Under Head Coach Andy Lambert)

Ratings and Reviews (19)


What a fantastic break down of Oklahoma's offense and scheme. As a High School Offensive Coordinator, I am always trying to learn new ways to make our offense more dynamic! I definitely picked up some effective concepts to add to our playbook even if it came at the expense of my Buckeyes.

Sep 21, 17 02:17 PM


Great breakdown of this game. This will also help me with the teaching of the similar concepts that we run in our program.

Sep 21, 17 04:12 PM

Byron Fridie

Great info.

Dec 28, 17 07:36 PM

Brian Brady

Complete breakdown with accurate diagrams.

Feb 14, 18 04:41 PM

Will Theobold

Great Stuff

Mar 22, 18 10:31 PM

Jason Ford

Step By Step Breakdown! Awesome!

Jul 5, 19 07:10 AM

Coachtdavid David

Great Tape to learn from

Jul 27, 19 08:24 PM

Roman Singleton

This was an exceptional analysis of the offense. I've been wondering about ways of running split backs out of the shotgun for a min. By watching the video along with the pdf. I can def. see how to make it happen at my level

Jun 25, 18 09:41 AM


Great program for coaches looking to continue to educate themselves. Thanks

Jul 12, 18 09:09 AM

Brett Bogert

Great Course. Very clear explanations of a dynamic offense.

Aug 22, 18 09:52 AM

Kevin Human


May 2, 19 11:17 AM

Ed Honabarger

Good Information with film.

May 3, 19 07:07 AM


Excellent breakdown, very insightful

May 3, 19 09:30 AM

Michael Behr

Great information, well presented

Jun 25, 19 09:28 AM

Jonathan Harris

I’m use to the ones that break it down play by play.. this video would barely show. I had to go search the YouTube for it. I basically paid for the plays

Jul 9, 19 01:31 PM

Rod Godfrey

Well Done and very detailed analysis!

Oct 3, 19 07:24 AM

Sylvain Villeneuve

good info and understanding of what they do

Jan 7, 20 08:32 AM

Will Martin


Jan 1, 21 02:52 PM

Thamus Davis

Great book.

Apr 14, 21 05:21 AM

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