Open Grass Reads Cognitive Training the Air Raid Quarterback

by Patrick Taylor
Open Grass Reads Cognitive Training the Air Raid Quarterback


 The pre and post-snap priorities for your quarterback. We will introduce you to the exclusive "Walk Through" drill, that is the basis of the Open Grass concept. We will talk about how we implement this drill to teach every concept in our offense.  This introduction will lead you into making your quick game faster and allowing your quarterback to be a dynamic player instead of a dysfunctional puppet. 

* A sequence of drills so your QB can detect disguised coverages. 

* Cognitive visual learning (pre-snap) to visual reaction after the snap. 

* What a QB must do in his three second window within the Air Raid Offense. 

* Hands on actual video of different coverages so that your QB can learn the proper sequence of decisions. 


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Open Grass Reads Cognitive Training the Air Raid Quarterback

The Coach


Patrick Taylor

Open Grass Reads in the Air Raid Offense


Over a decade ago I started my journey as a high school football coach. I have been fortunate enough to work on some amazing staffs, that have accomplished record breaking feats. I first served as a Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator/Defensive Coordinator, in Georgia. Utilizing the Air Raid offense the teams were able to break numerous offensive records in rushing and passing, and lead the AAA state in passing yards.

During my  first stint in the in the Air Raid, All school offensive records were broken, as well as players being recognized on the state and regional level for their accomplishments. Reaching the playoffs each year. In North Carolina, installing the Air Raid offense led us to producing 4,000 yards of total offense while compiling 2,000 rushing annually. We led the Western Piedmont Athletic Conference in total yards, passing, and team rushing. This helped us produce several all conference players, the Winston Salem Journal All Northwest Receiver, and the Offensive Player of the year. During my 6 seasons utilizing the Air Raid offense, the teams have gained 21,200 yards of total offense. 

I am currently the offensive coordinator for the North Surry Greyhounds, in Toast, NC. I am a small part of an outstanding staff that is committed to teaching young me to compete and perservere on and off the field. If you are ever in the area feel free to stop in, we are always ready to talk ball. 

Ratings and Reviews (23)

Walter Harmon

Good stuff. Tremendously simplified and well thought out approach. Will adopt this in its entirety.

Feb 5, 18 06:18 PM


Awesome coach, with great knowledge of the game

Feb 7, 18 02:27 PM


As someone who is new to Air Raid, I found this video invaluable.

Mar 29, 18 08:31 AM

Henry Patterson


Feb 6, 18 06:52 PM


Very simple, easy to implement concept.

Mar 12, 18 08:53 AM


Great implementation plan

Mar 14, 18 04:05 AM


Amazing stuff. Open grass reads will work for any type of offense. No matter what you run you should use the open grass read concept to teach your QB and WR.

Mar 28, 18 11:15 AM


Awesome points on how to install the Open Grass Reads. I recommend it for all coaches.

Mar 28, 18 02:09 PM


great explanation of the open grass concepts and how to teach QBs how and what to look for. great course for any coach at any level.

Mar 28, 18 02:12 PM

Jamie Self

This is exactly what I need. Looking forward to implementing the concepts this spring for my young team. I am confident that our competency in this area will make us competitive.

Mar 28, 18 02:17 PM

Josh Barrett

Do you want to improve your QB’s decision making ability? Are you looking to for a way to drill the QB and WRs into finding open grass? If you answered yes then you need to get this course!!! Coach Taylor has a simplistic way of teaching the reads to make your passing attack highly effective!

Mar 28, 18 09:09 PM


Great resource for pre and post snap decision making for the QB. Excellent video!!!

Mar 29, 18 05:06 PM


Great course! I really like the way that coach goes through and simplifies the drill work and reads! We will definitely be implementing into our practice plans!

Mar 30, 18 09:05 AM


Great Course

Mar 31, 18 05:57 AM


Great explanation of the open grass concepts for high school players and coaches.

Apr 6, 18 02:01 PM

Brett Antell

Really nice stuff, looking forward to seeing more.

Apr 8, 18 05:17 AM

Charles Lacaden

excellent becauseits simple.

Jun 17, 18 07:07 PM

Nate Zitnik

Eliminate the guessing. Coach Taylor provides you the means to coach with purpose and your players to execute with intent.

Nov 23, 18 08:58 AM

Coachtdavid David

Gives great approach to look at in teaching and training QB's

Jan 4, 19 10:16 AM


I like the way Coach explained the concept

Jan 24, 19 07:19 PM

Kevin Kern

Thanks. Great stuff!

Mar 30, 19 03:09 PM


Great job simplifying Open Grass Reads. This is a very helpful course for anyone who runs the Air Raid system.

Nov 11, 19 11:42 AM

Ayodele Mims

awesome ideas. Easy to understand format.

Mar 30, 20 08:18 PM

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