Paul Alexander, NFL Alumni - Blocking Mechanics + Q & A

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Paul Alexander, NFL Alumni - Blocking Mechanics + Q & A


Paul Alexander coached the offensive line for 36 years, and he's a wealth of knowledge on mechanics. He covers multiple topics, including the feet & stance of the offensive lineman, as well as vision training, & high hand low hand blocking fundamentals. If you want to level up your knowledge, then this is a resource you want in your library.


1 My Background 2:00 2 College Recruits 0:44 3 My Biggest Regret 1:10 4 Personal Coaching 1:35 5 Patreon 1:04
The Feet
6 Head Set 0:45 7 Weight On The Feet 1:20 8 Setting Drill 0:47 9 Lean, Punch, & Seperate 2:05 10 Flat Feet 1:21 11 The Instep, Not The Arch 2:30 12 Push With The Feet, Not The Knee 2:23 13 The Arch Ball Complex Is Vital In Every Sport 0:46 14 Jump Rope 1:14 15 Setting The Back Foot 0:39 16 Setting The Opposite Foot 1:16 17 Pull Block 0:32 18 Push Kick 1:48
Blocking Mechanics
19 Compression Strength 1:34 20 High Hand Low Hand Has More Compression Strength Than Parallel Hands 0:43 21 Top 5 Graded Offensive Tackles 4:28 22 Opposable Thumbs & Blocking Mechanics 3:42 23 How The Thumbs Control Strength 2:52 24 Strike With Ridged Fingers 2:40 25 Pelvic Thrust 0:59 26 The Grey Area Of Shoulder Force 3:25 27 Shoulders Square 2:06 28 The Eyes & The Stance 0:39 29 No Hand Drill 1:18 30 Force Meets Resistance Drill 1:03 31 Shoulder Force Push Pull 0:21
Vision Training
32 Vision Training 1:00 33 Dominant Eye Test 0:40 34 Recessive Eye Walk 0:13 35 Dominant Eye Training 36 Dominant Eye Switching Hands 0:54 37 Recessive Eye Training 0:09 38 Proprioception Training 1:39 39 Blind Fold Walk 0:10 40 Blindfold Switching Hands 0:34
High Hand Low Hand
41 High Hand Low Hand 1:53 42 Double Team To High Hand Low Hand 0:21 43 Right Hand High Hand Fit 0:27 44 High Hand Low Hand Cutoff 0:33 45 High Left Hand 0:21 46 Zach Martin 1:10 47 Tipping 0:22 48 Parallel Hands Only Use Frontal Force 0:43 49 Front Flipper, Side Flipper, & Hand Technique 4:14 50 Tensed Relaxation 4:24
Q & A
51 Question & Answer With Coach Alexander 13:44

The Coach

Coach Paul Alexander is a 36 year veteran NFL and major college football coach. An Academic All American football player, he began coaching at Penn State, then University of Michigan and Central Michigan before taking on his first NFL coaching  assignment with the New York Jets in 1991. For the next 23 years he was the offensive line coach of the Cincinnati Bengals where he helped set a number of NFL and club records. In 2017, Pro Football Focus ranked his offensive line #1 statistically in pass protection over the 11 year life of their measure; also in 2017, he was once again recognized by Sports Illustrated as the top offensive line coach. In 2018, Alexander joined the Dallas Cowboys as their offensive line coach. Part of of his success lies in the fact that he is always learning — always striving to push beyond the limits of his comfort zone. This is critical for remaining competitive in any high performing career, as the bar is always moving from play to play, and from game to game.

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Tyler Ferreria

One of my favorite courses on here. Great details to coaching football and blocking more specifically. Really learning from the best here. High-hand low-hand is game changing. Strive to be this good of a coach one day. Great visuals and mind provoking ideas that make sense. Highly recommend all coaches to watch this. (The Seahawks hawk tackling video for blocking)

Jan 16, 22 09:06 PM

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