Paul Golla- Developing a Weekly Game Plan vs Multiple Spread Offense Part 1

by Southern California Football Coaches Clinic
Paul Golla- Developing a Weekly Game Plan vs Multiple Spread Offense Part 1


Paul Golla, current Head Coach at Garces High School, goes in-depth about orchestrating a mutating defense. This type of defense allows a team to adjust on the fly and be prepared for all types of offenses. He shows off what the mutating defense is, what the STUDs are, and formation alignments. 

He begins the course with the Top 10 Reasons You Should Run the Mutating Offense. A few of those reasons are: Extremely Flexible to PersonnelCan Pressure any Offensive FormationsMutates to Outnumber all Offensive Systems. In other words, running this type of Defense will give you a numbers advantage to every offense. Then he moves onto talk about it being a 3-3 or 3-4 defense. He reveals the Xs and Os with the names of the positions and emphasizes that your nose guard has to be a beast. The way this defense mutates is that most of your players should be interchangeable. For example, a safety could step up as the linebacker or corner to cover for a blitz and vice versa. Having this interchangeability is key for running the mutating defense. He also reveals the rules, responsibilities, and descriptions of how these players should be. Then, he covers the base rules and blitzing strategies for the defensive line. Then he covers the linebackers' rules, alignments, and responsibilities. He shows off Xs and Os to fully show every type of blitz they also run. 

Then he reveals Teaching Progressions for the STUDs. His 1st step at the start of the play is his vision step and he is reading the guard like the linebackers. The STUD roams with the formations. Coach Golla shows off different formations to show off where the STUD will be aligned. Then he moves onto the Base vs 21 Personel. He details out the rules for the linebackers and shows off the difference of what to do between an aggressive offense or a reactive offense.

Next, He breaks down a multitude of Formations and Alignment Changes. He details out what to do against 10 personnel, 20 personnel, 30 personnel, 21 personnel, and Nub/Wing adjustments. You do not want to miss these if you want to conquer any type of offense that comes your way!

If you are a coach who wants to change up your defensive style or shake up any type of offense, then this course is a must!


The Coach

Paul Golla | Garces High School | Head Coach

Paul Golla joined Garces HS in the spring of 2019. He left Bakersfield High School after winning five Division 1 Championships. Over the course of his 14-year career with BHS Golla was 128-50.

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