Pro Spread Offense System Playbook and Basic Install

by Pro Style Spread Offense


This is the 176 page playbook that teaches the entire Pro Style Spread Offense System. 

FREE BONUS .pdf - 167 additional Pro Spread plays drawn up in detail straight from my HUDL account.

Also Included is a three part Pro Spread Basics install to get you comfortable with starting this offensive system. (30 minutes)

How can you build an offensive system that will score enough points to win games every season?

By finding a system that is flexible enough to fit the different strengths you see year to year. 

Pro Spread Offense is a system built with the variety and adaptability to do just this. 

Avoid the frustration of trying to "force" players to play certain positions that just aren't ideal for them. 

Imagine this...

- Players begging to run certain plays because they just know they will work.

- YOU knowing exactly how to call and adjust the offense to dominate any defensive structure.

- Coaches, players and parents enjoying the success and variety of your offensive system. 

Find out exactly what to do every single week against every single opponent. 

You are at a crossroads right now in your offense...either you can keep doing what you're doing or you can run the Pro Spread Offense. 


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Pro Style Spread Offense

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Pro Style Spread Offense by Jason Hahnstadt has booked over 800 courses on CoachTube in less then a year.  Jason's passion for football led him into a variety of coaching positions where he enjoyed learning new systems from a wide variety of coaches at multiple levels. Check out Jason's appearances on the Winning Youth Coaching podcast as well as The Sports Parenting Podcast. He was also the first coach to pioneer taking the flipped classroom into physical education and coaching under the influence of John Bergman, the originator of the Flipped Classroom Movement. As an author, Jason has been published in "Flipped Learning: Gateway to Student Engagement". Currently, Jason teaches Physical Education in Chicago's North Suburb of Kenilworth and is the founder of The Pro Style Spread Offense Football System. Football Coaching Experience: Special Team Coordinator, Varsity, 2012 – 2013, New Trier High School, Winnetka, Illinois Offensive Coordinator, Varsity, 2009 – 2011, North Shore Country Day School, Winnetka, Illinois Defensive Coordinator, Varsity, 2007 –  2009, North Shore Country Day School, Winnetka, Illinois Offensive and Defensive Line Coach, Varsity, 2005, Muncie South Side High School, Muncie, Indiana Wide Receivers Coach, 2000 to 2004, Taylor University Football, Upland, Indiana (Under Head Coach Steve Wilt) Wide Receivers Coach, 1999 to 1999, Trinity International University, Deerfield, Illinois (Under Head Coach Andy Lambert)

Ratings and Reviews (9)


I appreciate the effort and organization of this course. Coach does an excellent job showing and explaining how to run this offense.

Dec 27, 17 02:09 PM


The pro style playbook does a very good job of explaining your concepts along with techniques that can be used with each play. Plenty of film clips to be viewed/ Also some very good additional downloads to help organize the offensive side of the ball.

Jan 2, 18 10:22 PM



Jan 11, 18 04:21 PM


Great course

Apr 11, 18 01:02 PM

Henry Patterson


Apr 12, 18 06:27 AM


Great introduction to spread offense. I am excited to use it this season with my youth pop warner team.

Aug 7, 18 10:31 AM

Gary Roberson

Great Basic course for individuals that would like to see how another team utilizes the spread playbook.

Oct 6, 18 12:06 PM


Great course... Very informative and helpful for my team's install...

Dec 7, 18 10:45 AM

Luther Creecy

Great course and it made it easy to understand.

Feb 4, 19 05:36 PM

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