Running the Ball with Multiple Schemes vs. Tite Front

by Lauren's First and Goal
Running the Ball with Multiple Schemes vs. Tite Front


In this course, you will see the answers that different coaches have utilizing their schemes against the Tite Front/Tite Front Variations (also referred to as the Mint front). Whether it is inside or outside zone, power or counter, duo, and even QB lead draw, there are ways to run the ball successfully against the Tite Front and these coaches illustrate their plays against it.


Joe Moorehead and Brent Dearmon even touch on adjustments with RPO.


Whether it is the 4i-0-4i, 4-0-4, or Bear, these runs cover how inside zone, outside zone, duo, power and counter, and pin and pull are used to successfully run the ball.  The course is the perfect resource to pick up key coaching points to keep your ground game rolling during the season when faced with this front.


Note:  These clips lessons have been curated by taking sections of the coach’s entire talk at the Lauren’s First and Goal Clinic.  Each entire course goes into more detail on the scheme and techniques which the coach is illustrating.


Inside Zone
1 Inside Zone vs. Tite Front - Kyle Flood, Texas 1:37 2 11 Personnel Inside Zone vs. Tite - Kyle Segler, U. Mass 1:06 3 Split Zone vs. Tite - Ed Warriner, Michigan 0:49 4 Zone Read vs. Tite - Joe Conlin, Fordham 4:46 5 11 Personnel Zone vs. Tite/Tite Blitz - Joe Conlin, Fordham 20:23 6 Boundary Zone Read Go RPO vs. Tite - Brent Dearmon, Middle Tennessee State 2:33
Outside Zone
7 Outside Zone vs. Tite - Kyle Flood, Texas 1:45 8 11 Personnel Outside Zone vs Tite - Kyle Segler, U. Mass 1:22 9 Outside Zone vs. Stack with 4i - Jason McEndoo, Oklahoma State 1:52 10 11 Personnel 3x1 Wing Outside Zone Weak - Jason McEndoo, Oklahoma State 1:50 11 20 Personnel Outside Zone vs. Tite - Jason McEndoo, Oklahoma State 0:33
12 Counter vs 4i's - Bill Durkin, Coastal Carolina 0:21 13 Counter Example vs 4i's - Bill Durkin, Coastal Carolina 2:12 14 Counter vs. Tite - Kyle Flood, Texas 1:11 15 QB Counter vs. Bear - Steve Casula, Michigan 1:44 16 QB H-Counter Bonus vs Bear - Steve Casula, Michigan 1:10
17 Power Read 2x2 vs. Tite - Keith Clark, Dartmouth 1:11
18 12 Personnel Field Duo vs Tite Front - Cody Kennedy, Arkansas 3:38 19 Duo vs Plus to the TE/Wide Zone adjustment - Cody Kennedy, Arkansas 2:41 20 12 Personnel Boundary Duo vs Tite Front - Cody Kennedy, Arkansas 2:13 21 11 Boundary Duo with Nasty Split vs Tite Front - Cody Kennedy, Arkansas 3:08
QB Lead Draw
22 QB Draw RPO - Swing (Nub TE) - Joe Moorhead, Oregon 1:20
Pin and Pull
23 Pin & Pull vs. Tite - Ed Warriner, Michigan 4:35

The Coach


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Kyle Flood - OC/OL, Texas

Joe Moorhead - OC, Oregon

Brent Dearmon - OC, Middle Tennessee State

Bill Durkin - Offensive Line, Coastal Carolina

Cody Kennedy - Offensive Line, Arkansas

Jason McEndoo - Cowboy Backs, Oklahoma State

Steve Casula - Offensive Assistant, Michigan

Kyle Segler - TE, U. Mass

Keith Clark - OC Dartmouth

Joe Conlin - HC, Fordham


Ratings and Reviews (3)

Tyler Ferreria

Good variations of plays gone over by different coaches going over the base core run plays against TITE. Some videos Ive seen in other courses.

Jan 16, 22 10:57 PM

Scott Criner

It was an easy way to clear up some base thought.

Aug 5, 22 09:28 AM

Terry Hewitt

This video explained how to attack the tite front with a variety of answers to different problems with just a few minor adjustments to plays we already run.

Sep 22, 23 01:35 AM

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