Scoot to Reach: How to block wide zone

by Sean Peterson
Scoot to Reach: How to block wide zone


Wide zone is a great play that requires a commitment to make it a productive play! Learn how to reach block and pick up defensive movement and pressures by staying square to the line of scrimmage using "scoot" footwork (a.k.a. square drag) & overlap double teams. This course outlines the coaching points, drills, and in game application of the techniques needed to block wide zone. Defenses are going to defend the wide zone with E/T's, T/E's, pirate stunts and all sorts of games to create penetration!   Square is strong on the line of scrimmage and using scoot footwork enables blockers to reach a shaded and or a wide defender, cover him up and get movement. The scoot technique is used by the whole offensive line- covered & uncovered, reducing teaching time and increasing reps. Also, learn how to use the backside hand as a "pillar" to play long and create separation from defenders. 


The Coach


Sean Peterson

OL, Wayzata High School


In his 25 year career, Coach Peterson has fifteen years of experience coaching the offensive line and tight ends in high school. He has coached on two state championship teams for Wayzata HS (MN), 2019 (OL) and 2008 (TE's). The Trojans rushed for 2858 yards in 2019, finishing 13-0, and setting a MN Prep Bowl record for most individual rushing attempts (49). Peterson has developed three Division 1 linemen in the past 3 seasons, including an FBS Power 5 Conference scholarship earner (Syracuse). The Trojans' rushing yardage tripled in the first two seasons with Peterson coaching the OL (904 yds. in '17 to 2858 yds. in '19).

Table shows a three year comparison before & after Peterson's arrival at Wayzata HS. 

Category '15-'17 '18-'20 % Increase
Total Rushing Yards  2822 5771 105%
Total Passing Yards 3033 4379 44.4%
Total Offensive Yards 5855 9879 69%
Regular Season Rushing Yards 1982 4242 114%
Regular Season Passing Yards 2228 3401 52.6%
Rush Yds./Game Regular Season 82.6 192.82 133%
Total Offensive Points 560 791 41.3%

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Michael Young


Feb 17, 22 06:43 AM

Coach Adam Wilson

I enjoyed the blend of HS, college, and pro techniques.

Dec 19, 22 04:25 PM



Mar 31, 23 07:26 PM

Ramona Kohl

very in depth

Oct 25, 23 07:22 AM

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