Teaching Offensive Line Blocking Progressions

Want to improve the pass protection abilities of your offensive line? Teaching Offensive Line Blocking Progressions presents a detailed overview of the progressions coaches can use to develop blocking skills in their offensive linemen. Featuring four separate video programs, this course covers the fundamentals, techniques, and skills involved in each type of block, respectively. These football coaching videos also feature an explanation and demonstration of the appropriate developmental drills. 

Part 1: Teaching Zone Block Progressions
1 Intro
2 T-Board Right & Left
3 Reach 1-2 Punch Right & Left
4 Bucket Step
5 Zone Drill
6 Zone Drill with Linebacker
7 Center Bucket vs. Shade-Outside Zone (18-19)
8 TIC Call vs. 3 Tech Slant Inside
Part 2: Teaching Combination Blocks
9 Intro
10 Pull In Chute
11 Trap Drill in Chute Right & Left
12 Rip Technique
13 Rip vs. Shields
14 Goal Line Reach
15 Inside Power Cut Off
16 Down Boards
17 Down Blocks
18 Tight End: Tackle-Double-Team to Backside Linebacker
19 Block Back King vs. Penetrator & Reader
Part 3: Teaching Drive Block Progression
20 Intro
21 Stance
22 Stance & 1-Step
23 Punch Drill
24 Power Position
25 ISO Drill
26 Fit Walk & Press
27 1-Step Punch: 1-Step Punch & Drive Right & Left
28 Strain Drill
29 Drive Block with Movement
30 1- 2 Punch on Sled
31 Board Drill vs. Line Defensive Players
Part 4: Teaching Pass Block Progression
32 Intro
33 Duck Position
34 Power Step vs. Inside Rush
35 Kick Slide vs. Wide Outside Rush
36 Punch & Reset
37 Retreat Punch
38 Mirror Drill
39 Mirror Drill with Power Step & Punch Mirror Drill with Kick Slide & Punch
40 Sets on Squares Defender Aligned Inside
41 Sets on Squares Defender Aligned Head Up
42 Sets on Squares Defender Aligned on Outside Shoulder
43 Sets on Squares Defender Aligned Wide
44 Sets on Squares Defender Aligned Outside Who Comes Inside
45 Power Step Punch Drill
46 Kick Slide Punch Drill
47 1-on-1 Pass Block vs. Live Defense Line
48 Pass Blocking vs. Defensive Line Twists & Blocks
49 Pass Blocking Twists vs. Live Defensive Linemen

GeorgeDeLeone George DeLeone Tight ends coach for the NFL’s Miami Dolphins

George DeLeone is the tight ends coach for the NFL’s Miami Dolphins, a position he assumed in January 2008. A veteran of almost four decades as a football coach, DeLeone in one of the most widely respected coaches in the game. Before joining the Dolphins’ staff, he served as the offensive coordinator at Temple for two seasons, while also tutoring the offensive linemen in 2007 and the quarterbacks in 2006. Prior to that, he was on the staff at the University of Mississippi for a year (2005). The bulk of his coaching career has been spent at Syracuse University as an assistant from 1985-1996 and 1998-2004. A graduate of the University of Connecticut, DeLeone has also served on the gridiron staffs at Southern Connecticut State, Rutgers, and the NFL’s San Diego Chargers. A much sought-after clinic speaker, DeLeone has been featured on a number of well-received instructional football courses.

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Coach Deleone coaches and teaches with outstanding enthusiasm and is a great role model to follow along with the fundamentals he teaches.
Jul 25, 15 01:40 AM