Teaching Quarterback Fundamentals

In Teaching Quarterback Fundamentals, Coach Stan Zweifel presents detailed instructions on the basic throwing mechanics that are essential for young quarterbacks to know. Featuring three separate video programs—Quarterback Fundamentals: Stance to Set Up; Quarterback Fundamentals: Teaching Throwing Mechanics; Quarterback Fundamentals; Trajectories and Location, this coaching course explains and demonstrates what coaches can do to enhance the ability of their quarterback to pass the ball effectively.

Part 1: Stance to Set Up
1 Intro
2 Basic Stance
3 Receiving the Snap
4 QB - Center Exchange
5 Mid-Sections
6 Purdue Whistle Drills: Mid-Sections
7 Purdue Whistle Drills: Mid-Sections & Quarter Eagle
8 Purdue Whistle Drills: Quarter Eagle Flashes
9 Purdue Whistle Drills: Down the Line
10 Purdue Whistle Drills: Pivots
11 Movement Drills: One Foot in the Hole
12 Movement Drills: Two Feet in the Hole
13 Movement Drills: Shuffle
14 Movement Drills: Shuffle & Cut
15 Movement Drills: Front Pitter-Patter
16 Movement Drills: Sideways Pitter-Patter
17 3 Step Drop
18 3 Step Drop-Long Open Step
19 2 Step Drop
20 5 Step Drop
21 Sprint Out
22 Conclusion
Part 2: Teaching Throwing Mechanics
23 Intro
24 Grip
25 Throwing Position
26 Throwing on the Run
27 Throwing Mechanics Drill
28 Right Knee Down
29 Left Knee Down
30 V-Sit
31 Both Toes
32 Right Foot Forward
33 Left Foot Forward
34 Ball Drills
35 Conclusion
Part 3: Trajectories and Location
36 Intro
37 About Trajectory
38 #1 Trajectory
39 #2 Trajectory
40 #3 Trajectory
41 Location Drills
42 Out Cut
43 Stop Hook Route
44 Cover 2
45 Curl Flat with Movement Key
46 Dig Route with Underneath Coverage
47 Underneath Routes with Movement Key
48 Underneath Coverage with Offensive Movement Key
49 2 Underneath Zone Coverage
50 3 Underneath Zone Coverage
51 Conclusion

StanZweifel Stan Zweifel Head Football Coach at University of Dubuque

Stan Zweifel is the head football coach at the University of Dubuque, a position he assumed in 2010. His 2011 team won the Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference championship, and Zweifel was named the IIAC Coach of the Year as well as AFCA Region 5 Coach of the Year. Zweifel’s extensive resume includes stints as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Minnesota State University–Mankato, a tour as the athletic director at Beloit Memorial (WI) High School, and a 16-year period as the offensive coordinator at the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater. While on the Warhawks’ staff, he helped mold the UWW offense into one of the leading offensive teams in the nation. During his tenure, the Warhawks were consistently nationally ranked in the top ten in rushing offense, scoring offense, total offense, and passing efficiency. One of the most prolific and most respected coaches in the game, Zweifel has authored several best-selling coaching books and has been featured on more than two dozen well-received instructional DVDs.

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This is pure gold. So many great qb tips...50+ videos that I'll review all year 4 to take the state title!!!
Aug 18, 15 01:04 AM