The P.I.T.A. Package

by Thad Wells
The P.I.T.A. Package


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The P.I.T.A. Package

This package was purely created to steal time from the defense. But the first time we ran it we scored a 60 yard touchdown and stumbled on to something bigger.

The idea behind it is to force the defense to practice something that you only have to invest 5 minutes of practice time into yourself.

It's an offensive (or special teams) package that can be added to any existing offensive scheme. It doesn't matter what you run.

We started off with a very basic concept that you can learn for FREE in the first video of this course.

We then advanced the system to something that has been very versatile and a major pain in the butt for our opponents. 

In the advanced video you will get:

  • Our rules for creating unlimited chaos for the defense.
  • How we delegated this to our P.I.T.A. coordinator.
  • How we taught our QB to manage this.
  • How we shift in and out of it.
  • How we use this with our STs.
  • How we turned this into a complete dynamic huddle system (a new genre of tempo that nobody else is using right now.)
  • How we practice this with a fun game that helped with conditioning.

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The Coach


Thad Wells

2018 AFCA 35U Selection and State Champion Head Football Coach


Thad Wells was a head high school football coach for four different programs in South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. He is now a college assistant at the University of Virginia. Thad is known for his creativity and thoughtful approach to life and the game of football. The way he runs his program is unique, his offense is unique, and how he teaches the game is unique.

Thad was a 2018 AFCA 35 Under 35 selection and he won a state championship in just his 2nd year as a head coach.

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interesting point of view

Jul 30, 21 02:03 AM

Mark Thompson

We were going to insert something like this to drive our opponents nuts this year. I like this so much better!! The conditioning/agility/skill observation game at the end was a great easter egg! Well worth watching, can't wait to talk to my HC now.

Jul 30, 21 08:36 AM

Coach P

Well worth the price! Possibilities are endless and kids are gonna love it. Highly recommend!

Jul 30, 21 03:27 PM

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