The Secret to Game Planning: Breakdown a Defense like a Pro and make HUDL more Dynamic

by Patrick Taylor
The Secret to Game Planning: Breakdown a Defense like a Pro and make HUDL more Dynamic




Inside this clinic, I dive deep into:

•How to use the field to break down your opponents and organize your game plan.
•Save yourself a lot of time and stress
•Instill in your team confidence in your play calling and what to expect in every phase of the game.
•Practice and Rehearse your game plan throughout your weekly practices.
•Take command of your play calling
•Be able to adjust in critical moments of the game
•Use Hudl to get the results YOU want as an Offensive Coordinator
•Expose the thinking of your opposing Defensive Coordinator’s idea of defense.
•Fill out your call sheet, practice schedule, and breakdown in one fluid step.

Make Hudl work for the clear and precise information you need as an Offensive Coordinator. Know your opposing DC all week during practice. You don't have to script plays and potentially waste an opening possession. Take control of your offense from the first snap. Using these tactics will maximize your efficiency and make your offense explode. 


The Secrets to Gameplanning: Breaking Down a Defense Like a Pro and Making Hudl More Dynamic
1 Game Planning Like A Pro 35:58
The HUDL Breakdown Queries
2 HUDL Breakdown Queries 11:24 3 Call Sheet/DepthChart 4 COlor Code Sheets For Breakdown

The Coach


Patrick Taylor

Open Grass Reads in the Air Raid Offense


Over a decade ago I started my journey as a high school football coach. I have been fortunate enough to work on some amazing staffs, that have accomplished record breaking feats. I first served as a Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator/Defensive Coordinator, in Georgia. Utilizing the Air Raid offense the teams were able to break numerous offensive records in rushing and passing, and lead the AAA state in passing yards.

During my  first stint in the in the Air Raid, All school offensive records were broken, as well as players being recognized on the state and regional level for their accomplishments. Reaching the playoffs each year. In North Carolina, installing the Air Raid offense led us to producing 4,000 yards of total offense while compiling 2,000 rushing annually. We led the Western Piedmont Athletic Conference in total yards, passing, and team rushing. This helped us produce several all conference players, the Winston Salem Journal All Northwest Receiver, and the Offensive Player of the year. During my 6 seasons utilizing the Air Raid offense, the teams have gained 21,200 yards of total offense. 

I am currently the offensive coordinator for the North Surry Greyhounds, in Toast, NC. I am a small part of an outstanding staff that is committed to teaching young me to compete and perservere on and off the field. If you are ever in the area feel free to stop in, we are always ready to talk ball. 

Ratings and Reviews (13)

Slade Singleton

Coach Taylor does a excellent job breaking down how he gameplan's for his opponents. He is one of the best Air Raid coaches around, this is a must have course! I would recommend it to all coaches and systems just not Air Raid coaches. Can't wait to see what coach Taylor comes out with next!

Feb 7, 18 05:57 PM

Derrick Adams

Good video, Coach Taylor knows Football and this is a good tool for play callers.

Feb 24, 18 05:25 PM

Pat Boies

Keep up the great work coach! Very good course. My biggest take away was creating those new Hudl colums. This will definitively enhance my preparation & optimize my play calling.

Mar 28, 18 03:00 PM

Rossie Cherry

Great course laying out the details and focus for how to prepare for games and what tools can guide and assist a coach in that process especially for situational plays, etc. I'm a Head Coach of 4 years at the youth level who is determined to learn more to develop players and coaches better. This will Help

Mar 28, 18 03:18 PM


Great Job by Coach Taylor... really enjoyed this clinic... also enjoyed seeing how Coach Taylor breaks down his opponents Defense and gameplans... a lot of good info in this clinic... this is a great tool for anyone who calls plays.

Mar 28, 18 11:41 AM


As a coach that didn't go the conventional route of getting into coaching. This clinic was just what i needed in terms of game planning. I feel like i now have a blueprint of breaking down Defenses. Coach Taylors Hudl catagories are an icing on the cake. Cant wait till my next O.C. job

Mar 28, 18 12:08 PM


Coach Taylor provides excellent insight into his game planning process. Really liked the way he breaks down each section of the field, has clearly stated goals for each area, and has creates a structure to study the defense and attack accordingly. We will definitely be incorporating his methods for game planning this Fall.

Mar 28, 18 01:57 PM

Deacon Klemme

I enjoyed Coach Taylor’s video on how he uses Hudl to break down his opponents film. This has been one area I’ve wanted to improve on as a coach. These things aren’t discussed very much in coaching circles. His columns and reports make those defensive tendency’s pop out, and with that info, it’s easy to know what’s a good call at different areas of the field. I think this could be adapted to fit any offense, not just the Air Raid.

Mar 28, 18 08:22 PM


I've changed schools and as a Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator I find myself personally inputting information in HUDL again. This course gave me a fresh look at it that will help me both save time and get more out of film breakdown. It is also a great resource for my assistants to understand better how to work smart.

Mar 29, 18 05:45 AM


Great Course. It really gave me some things to think about

Mar 31, 18 05:58 AM


Coach Taylor does an excellent job giving his philosophy on breaking down a defense. I plan on putting in the same columns on HUDL for next season. Thanks coach.

Apr 2, 18 09:41 AM


Coach Taylor does an outstanding job of laying out his gameplan process to focus an offensive attack. Useful information that could be applied to any offense.

Apr 3, 18 04:22 PM

Charles Lacaden

Coach did a really nice job in explaining the concepts. I would highly recommend this course if you're a play caller.

Nov 17, 19 07:19 PM

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