The Winning Spirit with Joe Montana

Widely considered the best NFL quarterback of all time Joe Montana personifies performance excellence in personal integrity both on and off the field. Now making his message available to a broader audience, Montana teams up with performance coach, Tom Mitchell, to extend to all areas of life the truth of success. "The Winning Spirit" shows that ultimately performance excellence is fueled by desire, imagination, enthusiasm, practice, and appreciation.

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TomMitchell Tom Mitchell Ph.D. Head College Coach, Professor, NBA Sport Psychology Consultant, Performance Coach, Author, and Speaker

Tom Mitchell’s passion for exploring performance excellence began as an athlete in his native Pennsylvania where he was an All-State high school basketball player and a 4 year collegiate scholarship athlete.

His avid study of sport psychology, motivation and personal development has led Tom to a richly varied career. A former college head basketball coach and professor, Tom work for 14 years as the sport psychologist for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA.

Tom co-authored "The Winning Spirit: Sixteen Timeless Principles that Drive Performance Excellence" with NFL legend Joe Montana [Random House 2005] , and "Winning Spirit Basketball" with NBA Hall of Fame member, Chris Mullin [Skyhorse 2011].

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