The Zone Run Game

by Jim McNally
The Zone Run Game


Think you know the zone run game? Think again.

Legendary NFL offensive line coach Jim McNally takes you through the ins and the outs of the different zone schemes, and the best ways to run each of them. Grab a pen and a notebook, and get ready to learn about things like:  

The Foundation

Coach McNally covers the different zone plays that make up the bulk of modern offenses. Learn the fundamentals and techniques behind the inside zone, the mid-zone, and the wide zone.  

Get the answers to the test

How do you know which run plays to run against which looks? What zone runs are best against a 3-4, and which plays are best against a fire zone defense? Coach McNally gives detailed answers in this course to all of those questions, and more!  

See these techniques in action

The course concludes by seeing the coaching points in action on the field by players instructed by McNally himself. It's great to be able to draw up plays on a whiteboard, but if you don't know what it's supposed to look like on the field, you won't be able to coach it.  

Don't wait, book this course now and become a better coach!  



The Coach


Jim McNally

Legendary NFL Offensive Line Coach


Jim McNally spent 28 years coaching the offensive line in the National Football League, and is widely regarded as one of the leading experts in offensive line play.   After spending time as an offensive line coach with the Bengals, the Panthers, the Giants, and the Bills, McNally now works as a consultant with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Ratings and Reviews (4)

Jonn Laney

Excellent presentation. Coach McNally has yet to fail my expectations. He comes through in everything he presents.

May 11, 17 10:28 PM

Jon Wilburn

I love it

Aug 29, 19 09:11 AM

Francesco Cugusi

very good course by one of the best

Feb 26, 20 08:38 AM

Spencer Carroll

Great content from Coach McNally. Cleared up a lot of confusion I had regarding the nuances of tight, inside, mid, and outside/wide zone. I would recommend this course to any coach that wanted to learn more about zone blocking.

Mar 13, 24 09:11 AM

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