UCLA Offense: Run Game

by Touchdown Analysis
UCLA Offense: Run Game



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The UCLA Bruins were one of the most dangerous offense's in the nation during the 2022 season. Led by Chip Kelly's brilliant play calling, the Bruins finished 4th in total offense. The UCLA offense features a unqiue combination of modern and classic offensive schools of thought, and when joined together create a jugernaut for defenses to deal with.

Included in this course: 

  • Unique formations and personnel groupings to disguise core run schemes
  • UCLA's best zone and gap scheme runs
  • Dominant QB option run schemes designed to stress the defense from multiple angles
  • The UCLA football playbook

FAQ: Who is the Head Coach for the UCLA Bruins?

A: Chip Kelly has been the head coach of UCLA since the 2017 college football season. He previously served as Oregon football’s head coach as well as some time in the NFL with Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers. 

FAQ: What Kind of Offense Does UCLA Run?

A: The Chip Kelly playbook at UCLA includes a diverse assortment of plays in the running game including zone read and gap scheme run schemes. It’s hard to fit this offense into any singular mold, but UCLA’s spread offense features both modern and traditional principles. 

FAQ: Who is the UCLA Offensive Coordinator

A: Tim Drevno is currently the Offensive Coordinator and Offensive Line coach for the UCLA Bruins. Drevno’s involvement with the offensive line assists the Bruins running game and play action pass set ups.

FAQ: What was the UCLA Offense Ranked Last Season?

A: The UCLA Football Offense was ranked 4th in total offense in 2022, making them one of the best offenses in the nation. The Bruins averaged 503.5 yards per game last year. 


1 Access the Complete UCLA Playbook
Play 1: Trio Z Jet Split Zone
2 Diagram 3:43 3 Film 3:36
Play 2: Dbl Outside Zone Z Jet Opposite
4 Diagram 2:59 5 Film 2:12
Play 3: Dbl Z Jet Zone Read
6 Diagram 3:10 7 Film 2:01
Play 4: Duo Z Jet Zone Read Bluff
8 Diagram 4:16 9 Film 2:54
Play 5: Quads Over H-Back Zone Read Bluff
10 Diagram 3:02 11 FIlm 2:30
Play 6: X Into DBL Slot Zone Read Bluff
12 Diagram 2:36 13 Film 2:19
Play 7: Pistol Near Twins Flex Over Zone Read Triple
14 Diagram 2:31 15 Film 2:30
Play 8: Quads Over H-Back Freeze Option
16 Diagram 2:48 17 Film 2:18
Play 9: Trio Counter C/H Wk
18 Diagram 3:36 19 Film 2:04
Play 10: Dbl Motion GT Counter Bash Toss
20 Diagram 3:32 21 Film 2:22
Play 11: Trips H Back Over X Jet Super Counter Bash Toss
22 Diagram 2:20 23 Film 2:14
Play 12: FIB Trey Bunch G Down TB Arc
24 Diagram 2:12 25 Film 2:22
Play 13: Dbl Playside Pin & Pull CT
26 Diagram 2:18 27 Film 2:05
Play 14: Trips Tackle Over Pin & Pull GC
28 Diagram 3:14 29 Film 2:05
Play 15: Trio Wing Z Motion In To QB Sneak
30 Diagram 2:37 31 Film 2:50

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