Rob Rhodes

Unlocking the Air Raid DNA

In this course Coach Slade Singleton breaks down the Air Raid Offense and how to keep defensive players in constant conflict.  Coach Singleton covers in detail Building and Calling the Offense, Formations, Pass Protection, Attack Zones, Pass Concepts, Screen Game, Run Game, RPOs, Motions, and Tags.


1 Introduction 03:27
Building the Offense
2 How We Build the Offense 04:37
3 Calling the Offense 06:04
4 Formations 08:02
Passing Game
5 Protection 04:29
6 Attack Zones 03:54
7 Pass Concepts 08:32
8 Screen Game 13:50
Run Game
9 Run Game 19:50
Run Pass Option
10 RPOs 14:23
Motions and Tags
11 Motions 11:20
12 Tags 08:42
Bonus Material
13 AirRaid DNA
14 AirRaid DNA Download

Rob Rhodes Coaches Clinic Championships are Won in the Offseason

Slade Singleton has been coaching high school football for eight years. He takes pride in turning around struggling football programs. He has had three quarterbacks sign college scholarships. His offense in 2014 was ranked in the top 10 in North Carolina 3A and second in Western North Carolina.  His teams have appeared in the state playoffs 2 times since 2014 with him as the offensive coordinator. He believes that being able to coach is his opportunity to change lives for the better; on and off of the field.  He is married to Jessica and has three children; Natalie, Lilly, and Sean. He thanks God for the opportunity to be a coach and mentor to his athletes.

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Ron McKie

This Air Raid video by Coach Singleton is great. He goes over his offense in incredible detail. I have picked up some passes, runs, and RPO tags I'm going to install in the upcoming season. Great work coach, and can't wait to see what you release next.
Mar 22, 17 02:11 PM

Richard Kusisto
Richard Kusisto

This course is a must buy for any Airraid enthusiast. Whether you are a seasoned coach or just starting your coaching journey there is something that everyone can take away from here. Coach is very clear on what each play is trying to do and where the read man is. It does a good job of breaking the Airraid down to the core plays and showing you how to work out after that. Overall a great buy!
Mar 29, 17 04:09 AM


Great course for anyone looking into the Air Raid. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to install this as there base offense or someone just trying to add a few wrinkles for the upcoming season.
Apr 1, 17 01:34 AM

John 'Coach' Maurek
John Maurek

Excellent job. A lot of information!
Apr 25, 17 05:53 PM


Coach Singleton's Unlocking the Air Raid DNA is an incredible coaching tool for any coach who is studying or wants to study the Air Raid offense. I highly recommend this Course!!!
Jan 3, 18 10:28 PM

Downriver Wolfpack
Downriver Wolfpack

Coach Singleton has created a masterpiece. Unlocking the Air Raid DNA is a comprehensive dive into the world of an Air Raid OC. Coach Singleton explains his concepts very clearly. Making even the most conservative "run first" coach confident that he can air it out using these concepts. Thank you coach for all that you do for the Air Raid and Spread community.
Jan 20, 18 02:27 PM