Wade Phillips Numbers Defense Certification

by Wade Phillips
Wade Phillips Numbers Defense Certification


What are the benefits of Numbers Defense?

– Hours of Teaching Tapes / History Lessons / Job Interview Training

– 3 Major Exams to earn certification

– Official Numbers Defense Certification (Upon Completion)

– Name listed on website and in the Numbers Defense Family database

– Twitter shout out from @NumbersDefense upon completion

– Wade Phillips’s & John Paul Young Endorsement & Reference for Job Applications

– Direct access to Wade Phillips & John Paul Young for any Q & A

– Access to live private zoom meetings (ND Exclusive)

– We will Analyze your film! Send in your teams defensive film for feedback

- Great course for learing about all the intricacies of the 3-4 defense.

- Zone and Man coverages are covered


Please allow us 12 hours to review your exam answers. Once we have approved your exam, you will be admitted to the next chapter.

If you are prompted to take the exam again, that means you did not pass. A passing grade is 93% or greater.


Getting Started
1 Introduction 2:07 2 Orgins of Numbers Defense 5:59 3 Philosophy 4:16 4 D-Line Number System 5 Defensive Gaps 6 Identifying Linebackers 2:42 7 Linebacker Run Fits 11:01 8 Personnel 9 Identifying the Offense 10 Techniques 11 DAWG Pressures 12 Cover 1 Series 13 Cover 2 Series 14 Cover 3 - 4 - 5 Series 15 Cover 6 Series 16 Cover 7 Series 17 Thoughts on Cover 0 18 Exam 1
"How to Stop" Section
19 How to Stop DUO 5:45 20 How to Stop RPOs 4:55 21 How to Stop the TRIPLE OPTION 8:14 22 How to Stop the WING-T 7:34 23 How to Stop MESH 3:04 24 How to Stop POWER 10:27 25 How to Stop DUAL THREAT QB 7:14 26 How to Stop FOUR VERTICALS 6:37 27 How to Stop GT COUNTER READ 1:57 28 How to Stop OUTSIDE ZONE 5:56 29 How to Stop SCREENS & DRAWS 7:53 30 How to Stop WIDE WR SPLITS 2:15 31 How to Stop Y-CROSS 2:57 32 Mid-Term Exam
Final Section
33 Practice Schedule 34 Practice Drills 35 Game Planning 36 How to Interview for a Job 3:55 37 Final Exam
Welcome to the Numbers Defense Family
38 Welcome to the Numbers Defense Family 0:29 39 Numbers Defense Database Application 40 Wade Phillips & John Paul Young Contact & Resume Reference
Behind the Scenes Stories
41 3-4 vs 4-3 8:49 42 46 Defense 1:43 43 Beating Cam Newton in Super Bowl 50 1:35 44 Blitz Philosphy 1:47 45 Coaching JJ Watt 4:08 46 Coaching Your Players 3:57 47 Why is the 7-Tech Inside the TE 0:45 48 Interview Story 0:56 49 Offensive Guys 4:49 50 Orgins of Practice Schedule 1:45 51 Triple Option 1:31 52 When to Rotate Your Coverage Weak 1:51
Webinars / Playbooks (Updated Monthly)

The Coach


Wade Phillips

Football coach and author of


Taught by Wade Phillips & John Paul Young

Ratings and Reviews (13)

Cameron Conder

It's pretty simple lots of experience in the room teaching coaches a smart effective way to play defense with a systematic approach. The fundamental principals taught in the numbers defense course will be a benefit to any coach offensive or defensive.

Jul 3, 20 05:18 PM

Troy McCartney

Great opportunity to learn. Less is always more. I enjoyed the break downs of Xs & Os. A second to what that Conder guy said "it can be used to help you both offensively and defensively."

Jul 4, 20 09:30 AM

Kerry Graves

Great information and explanations! Some historical context to some defenses and great starting points.

Jul 20, 20 05:02 PM

Brian Wilkinson

Good course. Solid ideas.

Aug 7, 20 02:14 AM

Jonathan Midey

Great course, would recommend to any coach!

Sep 28, 20 12:23 PM

Martin Quirk

Terrible course. It’s all basic football knowledge. Not worth the $$$$$

Oct 12, 20 02:22 AM

Chaka Cummings

I love getting to learn from one of the bests to ever do it in Wade Phillips. It was awesome to glean some knowledge from both he and John Paul Young. Solid information for anyone new to coaching with some great nuggets for even the most experienced veteran.

Dec 2, 20 12:14 PM

Wayne See

Great course. A lot of great ideas. This course will benefit anyone that is willing to take it. Definitely raised my understanding to another level.

Jan 3, 21 03:40 PM

Karl Lehman

Learn a lot about defense

Feb 2, 21 12:02 PM

Adam Sacco

This course is WAY over priced! Don't spend your hard earned $$$ on it.

Jan 18, 22 10:12 AM

Thomas Alexander

Great information from a legendary coach. I learned a lot and I can't wait to use what I have learned on the field as I grow my coaching abilities.

Feb 27, 22 07:45 AM

Brandon Williams

This course to me is a good start up for and up and coming coach like me who wants to be able to understand multiple ways to get the most out of an offense and be able to defeat even some of the toughest defenses.

Jul 25, 22 02:49 AM

Kalus Murphy

Awesome Stuff!

Jan 17, 23 08:13 PM

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