Washington Offense: Pass Game

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Washington Offense: Pass Game



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The Washington Huskies were the 2nd ranked offense in college football in 2022 (515.8 Yards per Game). Washington football created their offensive juggernaut by dominating the team across the line of scrimmage with creative shifts and motions from Head Coach Kalen DeBoer’s playbook.

The Huskies’ creativity served them well in the red zone as they trotted to 39.7 points per game.

Included in this course: 

  • Play action concepts built on Washington’s core runs
  • Pre-snap movement that frees up quick game
  • The Washington Huskies Playbook
  • And More!

FAQ: Who is the Offensive Coordinator for the Washington Huskies?

A: Ryan Grubb is the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the Washington Huskies offense. Coach Grubb assists with the play calling that led this football team to their 2022 offensive showcase in the Pac-12.

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1 Access the Complete Washington Playbook
Play 1: RB Reload from Hannover Bunch Spacing X Jet
2 Diagram 3:33 3 Film 2:49
Play 2: Shift to Trips Bunch Mesh Wheel
4 Diagram 2:34 5 Film 1:59
Play 3: Trio RB Motion to Empty 4 Verts Y Delay
6 Diagram 2:19 7 Film 2:20
Play 4: Shrink to Wing Slot Mesh-Wheel
8 Diagram 2:40 9 Film 2:42
Play 5: Empty Bunch Spot Z Fake Reverse
10 Diagram 2:19 11 Film 3:02
Play 6: Dbl X Short to Stack Pump Fake Now Screen Backside Post
12 Diagram 2:18 13 Film 2:23
Play 7: Trips Squeeze Mesh TB Flat Opposite
14 Diagram 2:08 15 Film 1:59
Play 8: Trey T Return Motion TE Delay
16 Diagram 2:15 17 Film 2:39
Play 9: FIB Trey Bunch X Orbit PA Sail-Switch
18 Diagram 2:21 19 Film 2:23
Play 10: FIB Trey Orbit Motion PA G Pull Y Leak
20 Diagram 2:41 21 Film 1:50
Play 11: FIB Trio PA Toss Dbl H Wheel
22 Diagram 2:45 23 Film 2:11
Play 12: Pistol Bunch ZAC Boot Switch Verts Slide
24 Diagram 2:12 25 Film 2:00
Play 13: Bunch Boot G Pull Opposite H Flat Y Solid
26 Diagram 2:00 27 Film 1:58
Play 14: Pistol Trips Jet Return PA Y Leak
28 Diagram 2:23 29 Film 2:40
Play 15: Dbl Wing WR Reload to PA TE Crossers / H Deep Over
30 Diagram 3:26 31 Film 2:37

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Eli Townsend

good stuff.

Jul 11, 23 10:08 AM

Eli Townsend

good stuff.

Jul 11, 23 10:08 AM

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