Wide Zone: Coaching the Drive Reach

by Widezone Guys
Wide Zone: Coaching the Drive Reach


One of the most important aspects of being successful with the Widezone is the Horizontal Distortion created by the frontside of the Offensive Line. In order to create Horizontal Distortion your Offensive Line must master the Drive Reach block. This fundamental block is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood aspects of the Widezone scheme. Inside this course we discuss every small detail needed to teach your players this crucial block including:


-When to execute a Drive Reach

-How to properly Landmark the defender

-Footwork needed

-Strike Placement v. various alignments

-Accelerating Feet thru the defender

-Understanding the Difference between being Solo’d & having help

-How to react to movement

-All of the Keys to executing the block

-In Game Examples of everything discussed

-A ton more on the Drive Reach


The Coach

The Widezone Guys are a collection of coaches who have run and studied systems built off of the Widezone run schemes. This is a group of coaches who are obsessed with studying the best ways to run all aspects of the Widezone scheme including blocking techniques, coaching the runningback, philosophy, and teaching the scheme as a whole. We understand that Widezone isn’t just a run play, but rather a system that can stretch and pierce a defense. We understand that there are a lot of components that can be run off of Widezone and we look forward to diving into each part of the system.

Ratings and Reviews (2)

Reggie Logan

Insane level of details. Every question you could have on how to perform this key block is inside this course. Highly suggest if you run any form of perimeter run scheme.

Jan 15, 23 05:22 AM

King Carter

Followed this one after I got there Widezone Philosophy. A great course that explains one of the most crucial aspects of running widezone.

Jan 29, 23 05:52 PM

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