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Wishbone Offense for Youth Football

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Wishbone Offense for Youth Football


If you look back over the past 50 years of college and high school football, you will find that more teams have won more games with an “option" offense than any other kind… more than the WingT, Ace Back, Single Wing, West Coast, or the Air Raid offense. Not that these aren't fine valid offenses, but they just don't have the numbers that the option teams do. And of the various types of option offenses (Veer, Split Back, Wishbone, Wing-bone, Pistol, etc.)… the version with the most victories is the “wishbone" offense from the late 60's to the mid 80's! Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Auburn, Ohio State, Nebraska, Arkansas, Air Force, and so many more great programs… the list of great championship 'Bone teams is pretty impressive, and long running. While not as flashy as the “air raid", the results are there for all to see. You can't argue with success!

Topics Covered:
1. Why the Wishbone is the Perfect Youth offense
2. Blocking schemes
3. Tags and Cadence
4. Review of Playbook

As a bonus, we are including a copy of Coach Magee's Wishbone for Youth Playbook.


The Coach

Rob Rhodes

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Championships are Won in the Offseason


Coach Keith Magee is a former Div 1 Collegiate QB who was known for Passing - not running! Yet over the past 17 season of coaching youth football, he has compiled a record of 112 without ever posting a losing season - by focusing on a ball control offense and a stuffer defense! Coach Magee works in technology Sales for Motorola, and is based in Plano, TX, a suburb of Dallas.

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James Imes

I used this wishbone playbook last season and went undefeated! Awesome job guys! I love it!

Sep 30, 18 07:11 PM

billybob225 bob

Great stuff!

Jul 30, 22 02:32 PM

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