Comprehensive Guide For Beginning Golfers
by Michael Brisbane

This course will teach you the fundamentals that every beginning golfer needs to master.

Full Swing: I will begin by teaching you the pre-swing fundamentals of grip, aim, posture, and ball position. Then I will teach you the proper motion of your body, arms, and the club and how to swing the club with rhythm and in sequence. Finally I will teach you how to hit down on the golf ball for solid contact.

Putting:  I will teach you the proper grip and setup for putting. I will then teach you the proper stroke and a pre-shot routine to help you control the distance of your putts.

Chipping: Finally, I will teach you the basic fundamentals of a solid pitch/chip shot.

For about a third the price of one private lesson with me, $85, you are receiving 6 lessons worth of information. And you have access to the videos 24/7 365 days a week. The drills are easy to follow and most can be performed in your home. This class will give you the proper beginning to become a lifetime golfer, and fully enjoy the great game of golf.

1 Introduction 03:04
Chapter 1: Pre-Swing Fundamentals
2 Proper Grip 06:43
3 Proper Posture 05:16
4 Address Routine 08:27
Chapter 2: Full Swing
5 Pivot/ Body Motion 06:57
6 Swing Your Arms With Your Body 08:06
7 Impact and Hitting Down 07:51
8 Rhythm, Balance, and a Steady Head 08:36
Chapter 3: Putting
9 Putting Setup and Stroke 10:43
10 Balanced Putting Stroke 02:45
11 Putting Preshot Routine 04:09
Chapter 4: Pitch/Chip Shot
12 Pitch/Chip Shot 08:27

michaelbrisbane Michael Brisbane Michael Brisbane, PGA

  • PGA Professional since 1996
  • Director if Instruction at Azalea City Golf Course Mobile, Alabama
  • 2012 Dixie Section PGA Teacher of the Year
  • 2005 Dixie Section PGA Junior Golf Leader

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