Fix Your Slice

by Martin Chuck
Fix Your Slice


3 lessons for fixing your slice:

Slice Fix - The "Liszewski" Ball Striking Drill
Working with a student we found another great awareness using the Tour Striker Educator. Set the device behind your trail forearm at address in the "2nd notch," or at the 45* angle. You'll realize that a club resisting the change of direction (lag) will reposition the Educator arm toward the top side of your trail arm. You are able to feel torque and forces you need to do and it will help you deliver the correct sequence to the ball at impact.

Fixing the Slice and High Handle Right Shot

How to Fix Your Slice Now
Learn how to correct the club path with the correct body motions. No hand flip needed!


The Coach

Becoming one of the World’s most sought after coaches has been both humbling and very satisfying. I owe a debt of gratitude to the mentors I’ve had throughout my life. Like any outlier, a lot of luck and timing occurred. As a child I grew up in the shadow of the great Canadian ball strikers Moe Norman and George Knudson. I began taking lessons and spending a lot of time with Mr. Knudson from the age of 9 and eventually became an assistant coach at his facility at the age of 16. Moe Norman, arguably the most consistent ball striker ever, proved to me that great ball strikers are made not born. He methodically created a repetitive action and developed it over time with practice and understanding. Ultimately, my impact inspired coaching is a patchwork of the great coaches and players from whom I’ve studied and my time spent on the professional Tours. I feel like my patience, understanding and communication style resonates well golfers and is why I’ve attained success with my students. I truly enjoy helping people and in my case, the medium is through golf.

The Tour Striker product line came to existence during 2008. I have been tinkering and building training aids for the past twenty years. With the encouragement of my beautiful wife, Stacey, and help from a lot of people, Harold Haycraft and Mark Myrhum to name but a few, the Tour Striker Training Club was born. I’m pleased to say that we have sold thousands of units worldwide and it has been recognized as the most successful training aid of recent times. I’m so thrilled to hear all of the positive comments from those that have truly changed their intent about how they now strike a golf ball and enjoy golf at a higher level. Now that I know how to bring products to market, my goal is to extend the product line with other simple training aids that help golfers expedite their learning process. If you have any ideas and would like to toss them around, please give me a call!

I look forward to meeting you on the lesson tee!

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