Full Swing 101t

This class is designed for the beginning or intermediate golfer looking to either learn the game or review the basic fundamentals of the swing. For less than half the cost of a regular lesson you will get over 14 lessons / videos that go into detail how the club works, how to hold it, and how to hit the ball. I have taught hundreds of golfers how to play the game, now is your turn. Golf isn't that difficult. I explain in detail all that you will need to know. Grip, posture, aim, how to swing and cause and effect, what might happen on the range when you are hitting balls. C'mon!!!! Lets have some fun and learn how to hit a golf ball.

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Scott Newman, PGA, is a PGA teaching professional at Encinitas Ranch Golf Course in Encinitas, California. Scott has been playing golf for over 30 years and teaching since 2003. For the last five years he has taught over a thousand golfers how to play golf through the San Dieguito Adult School Program. Keeping things simple, yet still providing detailed information, Scott has been successful in teaching new, beginner and intermediate golfers how to have fun and play the game of golf.

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