Golf Instruction Tips by Katie Bakken, LPGA
by Katie Bakken

LPGA Golf Instructor and former Tour Player, Katie Bakken, shares her expertise and unique insight into the game of golf through videos, articles & more. Katie will help YOU improve your golf game with practical tips for exceptional golf. Whether you are an experienced golfer looking to lower scores & get fit for golf, or you are new to the game and just want to learn how to play you'll love this course.

Chapter 1: Exercises to Improve your Form
1 Chest Press on Ball 01:17
2 Scapula Pull 01:23
3 Balancing Toe Touch 01:07
4 Shoulder Press on Ball 01:07
5 Wall Slides 01:13
6 Obliques on Ball 01:17
7 Balancing on Ball 01:19
Chapter 2: Golf Tips
8 The Set Up 01:11
9 The Golf Grip 02:03
10 Big Break Putting 01:03
11 Sidehill Lies 01:32
12 Soft Touch Chip 01:01
13 How to Hit a Draw 01:18
14 Downhill & Uphill Lies 01:49
15 Fairway Bunkers 01:16
16 Perfect your Routine 02:24

KatieBakkenGolf Katie Bakken LPGA Golf Instructor

About Katie Bakken:

As a result of her hard work and supportive sponsors, Katie has been fortunate to live out her dream of playing golf professionally. Along the way she has acquired a remarkable amount of golf knowledge through the experiences she has had training and competing with the best in the World. In 2008, she began teaching golf and has had the opportunity to observe at the Butch Harmon School of Golf and Kip Puterbaugh’s Golf Academy. Katie has joined the upper echelon in the golf industry by earning status as a Class A LPGA Teaching Professional and a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor.Today Katie continues her love of golf by sharing her expertise and unique insight into the game through Golf Bubble® on her website and as a syndicated columnist.

Find out more at http://katiebakken.com/

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