Golf Swing Dynamics by Bobby Lopez

by Bobby Lopez
Golf Swing Dynamics by Bobby Lopez


“At Quick Fix Golf, we excel in getting you back on the golf course and thinking more about shot selection, course strategy, short game skills etc.  You can lower your golf score with the swing you’ve got now if you knew how to make better decisions on the golf course,”- Bobby Lopez PGA Pro.


The Coach

Bobby Lopez PGA Pro has been teaching golf since 1970. Bobby Lopez studied the golf swing under some of the most legendary ball strikers of all time – such as Vince Allen, Dick Farley, Chico Miartuz, Bob Toski, “Wild” Bill Melhorn, John Jacobs and Henry Cotton. He’s a former European Touring Pro, and a full “Class A” Member of the PGA. He was nominated for Golf Magazine’s list of Top 100 Golf Instructors.

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