Golf Swing

by Ben Gallie
Golf Swing


Looking for some help with your Golf Swing??
I have set up a  free course to help you will common faults and some helpful drills to make your swing as consistent as possible.
If you are having trouble with an area of your game , please comment and I will do a video to help you.
Start watching and be part of G Golf.


The Coach


Ben Gallie

Head Teaching Professional at Millbrook Resort and Country Club


Ben Gallie has currently the  Head Teaching Professional  at the world renowned Millbrook Resort  and Country Club, an position he has held for the past 10 years.
Millbrook is located 1 km from Arrowtown , New Zealand.
Ben has been the teaching Golf Professional at Millbrook since 2006, 
Ben is a qualified NZPGA and has 10 years experience as a playing professional and a teaching professional, Currently the Otago Mens Golf Team Coach who are the current National Strokeplay Champions and have been runners-up in the 2014 and 2015 National Matchplay Champions.
As 85% of Ben's clients are over 50 years of age, Ben has become a specialist in getting the best out of the players who are over 50. 
After Representing New Zealand and winning the 2001 NEW ZEALAND AMATEUR Championship, Ben turned Professional at the end of 2002 and played on the Australian and Canadian Tours. His best Professional result of 2nd place on the Canadian Tour at the E-loan Valley Classic( Eric Compton won), after this event he held a World Golf Ranking of 672.

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