Stop The Shanks

Stop The Shanks
Shank shots happen to us all. Then it gets into our head and is tough to get rid of.
This lesson is a simple drill to help you stop a shank from happening in your game. you can do this drill at your next practice session and say goodbye to those terrible shank shots.

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Parbreakers Parbreakers Par Breakers Golf Academy

Bernard Sheridan is the founder of Par Breakers Golf Academy and a well respected instructor and coach in the golf industry. Bernard is certified in the following. Golf Channel Swing Fix instructor. Impact Zone instructor, Putting Zone instructor, US Kids Golf instructor, 3Jack D-Plane, 4Elements Putting, Mizuno custom certified fitter.
Bernard has worked with thousands of students and also writes articles for The Golf Channel Instructor Blog, Golf WRX, Tri-State Golfer Magazine and several other publications.

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