The Ultimate Home Putting Training Course

by Brian Fitzgerald
The Ultimate Home Putting Training Course


Welcome to my Ultimate Home Putting Training Course.

This course is designed for the golfer that wants to improve their putting but may be time poor.

The beauty of this course is I filmed it in my kitchen. If I can do this in my kitchen you can recreate this in your own house.

It requires very little in terms of equipment. I use a putting mat but can also use carpet very easily.

The most important thing is that you have the desire to improve your putting.


1 Introduction to my online putting course 3:04
Putting Stroke Basics
2 My 3 Basic Factors In Putting. 2:14
Putter Fitting
3 Matching Your Putter To Your Stroke Type 4:10 4 Choosing The Right Grip Size For Your Stroke 3:11 5 Putter Fitting Length 4:19 6 Putter Fitting Lie Angle 3:21 7 Putter Fitting Loft 2:53 8 Putter Fitting Weight 1:52
The 5 Most Common Putter Grips
9 Choosing The Right Putter Grip For You 1:38 10 The Standard Grip For Putting 2:00 11 The Reverse Overlap Grip For Putting 1:26 12 The Cross Handed Grip For Putting 1:10 13 The Claw Grip For Putting 1:21 14 The Pencil Grip For Putting 1:19
Putting Mechanics
15 Putting Mechanics - Hand Control 3:00 16 Putting Mechanics - Impact Speed Control 2:12 17 Putting Mechanics - Length Of Swing 2:03 18 Putting Mechanics - Square Clubface At Impact 1:49 19 Putting Mechanics - Timing Or Rhythm 5:13 20 Putting Stroke Fundamentals - Pre Shot Routine 21 Practice Mix Of Technical And Skill Development 1:24
Drills For Set Up
22 Drills For Set Up - The Mirror Drill 2:12 23 Putting Set Up Drills Alignment Stick Drill 1:31 24 Drills For Set Up - The Credit Card Drill 1:15 25 Putting Set Up Drills - 2 Alignment Sticks Drill 1:44 26 Putting Set Up Drills - Triple Track Drill 1:15 27 Putting Set Up Drills - Hold The Right Shoulder Drill 0:44
Drills For Start Line
28 Drills For Start Line - Triple Track Drill 1:54 29 Drills For Start Line - Rubber Band Drill 2:25 30 Drills For Start Line - 2 Sleeve Drill 1:16 31 Drills For Start Line - D Cell Battery Drill 2:00 32 Drills For Start Line - The Ruler Drill 2:13 33 Drills For Start Line - The One Hand Drill 2:02 34 Drills For Start Line - The Toe Putting Drill 1:28 35 Drills For Start Line - Using Blast Motion For Club Face At Impact 3:54
Drills For Putting Tempo
36 Drills For Putting Tempo - The 2 Corks Drill 1:08 37 Drills For Putting Tempo - The Metronome Drill 3:42 38 Drills For Putting Tempo - Hair Dryer Drill 1:45 39 Drills For Putting Tempo - The Leap Frog Putting Drill 3:46 40 Drills For Putting Tempo - The Zone Putting Drill 3:18 41 Drills For Putting Tempo - The Hole Stuffing Drill 3:07 42 Drills For Putting Tempo - The Ladder Drill 2:27
Drills For Putting Pressure
43 Drills For Putting Pressure - A Tough Putting Drill 4:49 44 Drills For Putting Pressure - Quiet Eye Drill 2:50 45 Drills For Putting Pressure - Don't Look At The Ball Drill 2:15 46 Drills For Putting Pressure - The Tick Tock Drill 2:23 47 How To Create Sloping Putts 4:50
Green Reading And Sloping Putts
48 Green Reading Training At Home 5:00 49 The Relationship Between Speed And Break 3:51
Manage Your Expectations
50 Reralistic Expectations 51 PGA Tour Average Putting statistics - Best, Average and Worst
52 Conclusion 2:55

The Coach


Brian Fitzgerald

Change Your Score Not Your Golf Swing


A Little bit about myself.

I have been a golf professional for the past 37 years.

The past 11 years have been as the Head Coach of the Morack Public Golf Course in Melbourne and additionally the past year at the Lang Lang GC.

I spent many years playing the Australasian Golf Tour winning over 50 events including the 1991 Tasmanian PGA Championship.

I have also been the Head Professional at The Riverside Golf Club in Launceston Tasmania, The Canterbury Public Golf Course in Sydney and the Yarra Yarra Golf Club in Melbourne.

In addition I spent 5 years at Women's Golf Victoria where I was responsible for the adult development of golf. I started on YouTube in 2014 and have gown into one of the most popular YouTube golf coaches in Australia.

My philosophy is "change your golf score not your golf swing". That sounds like a strange statement coming from a golf professional. Making swing changes requires many hours of work and a lot of instruction. Not everyone has the time or resources to achieve these. I want to change peoples golf swings the least and prioritize lowering clients golf scores.

There are so many ways people can change their golf score without a swing change. Not only is this easier but also faster and more fun. I look forward to helping you lower your golf score. Brian

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