Tips and Drills for Driving

Tom Cannarazzo teaches you the best tips and drills for driving. Learn how to find the correct grip and improve your swing plane and spine angle.

SyncGolf Tom Cannarozzo Golf Pro at the Dana Rader Golf School in Charlotte NC

Tom Cannarozzo is a Teaching Professional at the Dana Rader Golf School in Charlotte NC. He is a Three Time Arkansas Teacher of the Year and 2011 Arkansas Player of the Year. Tom specializes in the "Big Three" Driving, Wedging & Putting. Tom teaches golfers how to play golf not just play swing

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All in all some great drills for working on your drive... This course mainly helped me get rid of my slice (No more playing the slice out of the tee box!)
Jan 26, 15 12:16 PM


Good starting course
Sep 20, 18 08:26 AM