Gymnastics stations for PE - Complete unit & Lesson plans (grades K-6)

by Prime Coaching Sport
Gymnastics stations for PE - Complete unit & Lesson plans (grades K-6)


Gymnastic stations for PE – A complete sport unit with over 60 activities for the trampoline, wedge, bars, floor mats, beams and more. 

This grade K-6 Gymnastic Stations pack will provide you with the perfect plan to develop your students’ gymnastic abilities (shapes, balances, supports, rotations & ground work). Working from the ground up, you’ll be able to confidently teach these key fundamentals - Simply setup the stations, and your kids focus on a specific skill, before rotating around to the next station. At the end of the session, your students can perform what they’ve learnt to the rest of the class!

Every lesson, the activity at each station progresses and varies, giving the opportunity for the students to confidently explore their bodies and achieve new personal goals – and you’ll be teaching sports-coach level gymnastics with ease! You’ll be equipped with:

10-week structured lesson program

Week by week, progress your students through the skills and build on the previous lessons to develop them all round in their abilities. Each lesson plan provides a fun warm up game, stretching routine, and easy-to-follow setup and teaching instructions for the stations.

Over 60 specific equipment activities

Every station of equipment has a collection of clear ‘how-to-teach’ specific skills for the:

› Trampoline/vault

› Wedge

› Bars

› Floor mats

› Beams

› Miscellaneous

With this complete set of activities, you can also quickly and easily adapt and put together your own unit of gymnastics to suit your class and their aptitude.

*Note – sports/gymnastic equipment required: • mini trampoline/vault • crash/landing mat • wedge, and softer boxes • Freestanding bars • 10 floor mats • beam/thin sports bench • cones, hoops, hurdles


You’ll get assessment sheets with a detailed rationale/breakdown of each element area for you to grade your students.

Follow-along Demonstrational videos

You’ll also have access to the videos for each station – Here you’ll be able to watch each station in action, see what the skill looks like, and see how to explain it/teach it to your class - You can even play it to your kids before you start to make it even easier for you!

This unit has been put together after years of experience, working specifically in teaching elementary gymnastics to grades K-6 in many schools. * Note – This course contains both the K-3 and 3-6 grade courses).



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