Screen Shots and Puck Handling : GK Drills Pack vol. 3-3

GK Drills Pack vol. 3-3 features Screen Shots and Puck Handling skills and drills.

Subtitles in English.


Screen Shots
1 Screen Shots 1 06:19
2 Screen Shots 2 07:31
Puck Handling
3 Puck Handling 05:28
4 Credits 01:49

WorldHockeyLab Hiroki Wakabayashi Founder & President of World Hockey Lab

Hiroki Wakabayashi is hockey coach with 20 years international coaching experience. He has coached National Teams, professional teams to beginners in Japan, Canada, USA, Turkey, Hong Kong and other countries over 20 years.
As a goalie coach, Hiroki has worked with NHL goalie coaches such as Francois Allaire, Sean Burke, coached professional goalies, national teams goalies, NHL draft picks, junior goalies to beginners.

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